Tanishk Bagchi and Zara Khan give a refreshing mix to ‘Madhno- Beetein Lamhe’ on Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series’ Mixtape Rewind, Season 3 presented by Amazon Prime Music

Abhijit Vaghani creates a heartwarming rendition of these 2000s hits for Mixtape Rewind, Season 3
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Music Composer, Tanishk Bagchi and the new-age singer Zara Khan come together to croon a soothing mix of ‘Madhno – Beetein Lamhe’ in the 9th Episode of Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series’ Mixtape Rewind, Season 3 presented by Amazon Prime Music. Two beautiful melodies that tugged at our heartstrings were originally composed by Mithoon for the films Lamhaa and The Train- An Inspiration, respectively. The Mixtape rendition of ‘Madhno/ Beetein Lamhe’ by Abhijit Vaghani is sure to give a warm and nostalgic soundscape of love and emotion.

Zara Khan’s graceful singing combined with passionate vocals of Tanishk Bagchi and soft melodies of Shehnai, Ghungroo, guitars, keyboard and drums makes it a truly enchanting number. Director Ahmed Khan’s work of art rightly captures the essence and emotions of the artists.

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Commenting about this beautiful Mixtape, Abhijit Vaghani comments, “I had done a different version before where I thought I could do a contrast of happy versus sad, but when I changed it to this version and it made a lot of sense because I kept the sadness of both the songs since it’s about separation. I’ve used Shehnaai as key instrument that has done a great contrast in terms of the western arrangement that I had using some phrases which were Indian based of the shehnaai and that gave a very sad wedding song sort of feel. Zara and Tanishk, well I was really surprised by their singing because both have recently started singing and I feel they both have done a good job. Also, about me singing in this one – so in Mixtape we do lives so main singers can’t sing so many harmonies so I thought I might as well feature in it and towards the end, there was a part which was pretty earthy and high, which is my kind of singing hence I thought I would feature in this one. ”

Talking about his experience, Tanishk Bagchi says, “Beetien Lamhein is one of my favourite tracks created by Mithoon and Vaghani has done absolute justice to it – Nowadays we use a lot of electronic sounds in it, but this is the acoustic version which is more soothing to the ears. Abhijit is a fantastic producer and a great musician. I had a lovely time working with Abhijit especially on this track. Zara is a very talented singer and we’ve worked before on numerous tracks that helped us understand each other’s strengths and complimented accordingly. She has done a commendable job in this one especially with her low tone and mid-range especially the part where she starts singing. I really love the texture!”

Zara Khan adds, “For starters, this was my first experience and it was really amazing because I teamed up with Tanishk. Tanishk has an interesting texture and he gives us singers such amazing compositions so to see him behind the mic and singing was really lovely. Abhijit is the captain of the ship, he recreates such amazing versions of all kinds of songs depending on the theme of Mixtape and this is the third season. So it’s all the more special also because of the songs that are on the list for this season which is really interesting and amazing. I love the songs that he’s given me and Tanishk to sing because they really compliment our tones and voice. Also, it’s the kind of music I personally love listening to & Madhno and Beetein Lamhe are my favourite tracks from 2000s. As a child there are always songs you listen to and wish to sing, I am glad with this Mixtape mashup I got a chance to sing two of those songs. For me it was super special, I really enjoyed it and I hope everybody loves it as much I did performing it and I think they’ve turned out to be really amazing versions.”

Listen to this delightful mix of ‘Madhno/Beetein Lamhe’ in Tanishk Bagchi and Zara Khan’s soulful voice on T-Series Mixtape Rewind now!

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