Selina Gomez Rectifies Her Joking Statement On Disney Saying She’s ‘Beyond Proud’ Of Her Work There

Selena Gomez is establishing she’s thankful for her past chances with Disney in a recent interview. The actress and singer said she approved her “life away” to the network while working on dramas like Wizards of Waverly Place as a teen, at the Television Critics Association press panel before this month, but now she’s cleaning the comment up. During a recent joint interview with Steve Martin and Martin Short to endorse their new Hulu drama, Only Murders in the Building, she verified the comment was a joke and claimed she’s “beyond proud” of her younger work.

When inquired if she was hesitant to return to a television series, Selena confided, “No, definitely not. I was looking for another show to do. And by the way, I’m beyond proud of the work that I did with Disney as well. It kind of shaped who I am in a way.”

Steve also assisted Selena and confirmed what she said about Disney was a joke. “I have to jump in because I was there when Selena said that [at the TCA] and it was said in the most light-hearted, funny, jokey way,” he said.

He added, “And then I see it gets interpreted – sometimes they’ll say she was joking and sometimes they have it as an ominous headline – but it was completely just all in fun. I’ve signed my life away to Marty Short, you think I like that?”

Selena advanced to repeat her affection for her Disney work by speaking about how “lucky” she is. “I have to say, I’m very lucky,” she said. “As a female in my position, I was taken care of and I’ve only had lovely experiences, so I’m grateful for that.”

Selena’s full joking statements at the TCA comprised her confessing she “didn’t know” what she was doing during her time at Disney. “I signed my life away to Disney at a very young age, so I didn’t know exactly what I was doing,” she said at the event. “I was a kid I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just running around on set, and now I feel like a sponge and I soak up all the wisdom that I can.”

Before her latest Hulu series, Selena was first seen playing a role on PBS’ Barney & Friends from 2002 to 2004 before she had a small role in Disney’s Hannah Montana from 2007 to 2008. She is then seen as a lead in Wizards of Waverly Place, which she featured in from 2007 until 2012. This stage gave her a boost in creating a successful solo music career after publishing albums with her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene and provided her other chances like launching her beauty line called Rare Beauty.


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