Juhi Chawla On Seeing Daughter Jahnavi and Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Aryan Khan’s Interest In IPL: Claims that ‘Our Children Have Taken Over What We Started’

Internet went crazy when a few months ago Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan and Juhi chawala daughter Jahnavi Mehta was seen sitting beside each other at the IPL auction at the Kolkata Knight Riders table. Life came full circle for many 90’s kids, who grew up obsessing over Shahrukh and Juhi’s onscreen pair and also idolishing their real life friendship

Subsequent to featuring in a few fruitful movies; Shahrukh Khan and Juhi established their companionship by dispatching a creation house, Dreamz Films Unlimited in 2013.While that self-destructed a couple of years prior, to two stars, alongside Juhi’s better half Jai Mehta, purchased the IPL establishment Kolkata Knight riders (KKR). Thus, while the crowd is accustomed to seeing SRK our Juhi at the IPL closeout function each year, it was in for a lovely shock to see their children assume control over their obligations

How did Juhi react seeing kids fill in for them? “Many little things come to mind, the actors said, adding, “One was, how amazing is nature! In a glimpse, Aryan looked like a young Shahrukh and Jahnavi resembled me so much!”

The entertainer further shared that both Jahnavi and Aryan follow cricket strictly and have an exemplary comprehension of the game.“I was so glad the children are taking a keen interest in the team. They are not being pushed to do this, they are doing it because they truly wish to. They both keenly follow the sport. Jahnavi wakes up at odd hours of the night, to watch cricket matches in different parts of the world,”

Towards the end, Juhi said that she was unable to be more joyful that their children have “assumed control over” what she and SRK started years prior. “At the point when Jahnavi talks about cricket, her entire being illuminates. I’m constantly stunned at how mindful of the details of the game she is. At the point when I saw the image of both of them at the closeout, I was so appreciative to God that in their own remarkable manner, and with their own freedom of thought, our kids had assumed control over, what we had begun,” she said.

While Jahnavi avoids spotlight, Aryan is continuously encircled by speculation that he would soon join Bollywood. Indeed, Aryan’s dear companion Ananya Panday has referenced.how she sees a future director in him.


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