With Prabhas returning to romantic genre after a decade, here’s all the new pairings the audiences are excited to see him in

Prabhas fans can look forward to some new and brilliant duos of his in upcoming romantic films

Prabhas’ return to romantic genre has became a huge event in itself. With each passing day his return to the genre comes nearer with the release of his flick Radheshyam. The movie also features a new pairing, however Prabhas fans can look forward to multiple such new pairings as the Pan-India star has multiple Pan-India films lined up and some of his new onscreen duos feel like they are too good to be true.


This is the most sought after pairing that one could wish for. The sci-fi movie ‘K’ brings together Pan-India star Prabhas with Bollywood’s leading lady and there is nothing like it. Prabhas’ fandom is as it is huge and his fans will surely only go crazier when they get to see him onscreen with Deepika. The anticipation for the movie has been surreal so far and it all comes down to this heavyweight pairing. The movie is said to be a boundary pusher as it is going to bring some never seen before concept to the film.


The Mythological movie ‘AdiPurush’ is one of the most talked about projects of B-Town. The movie follws story of Lord Ram and Seeta played by Prabhas and Kriti Sanon respectively. The duo picked for the roles could not have been cast more perfectly. Prabhas’ and Kriti have never paired opposite each other and their very first time working together comes in a movie that will have whole India’s eye on it. Director Nag Ashwin’s onscreen pairing is all set to turn a few heads as fans brace themselves for this one.


The pairing from Radheshyam has been one the fans have been now cheering up for a while. The Pan-India movie has a release date of Jan 2022 however the fans have cheered for way too long now as the movie marks Prabhas’ official return to romantic genre film. Pooja Hegde takes the lead alongside Prabhas as the two form a new and exciting onscreen pairing and the one that fans look forward to impressing them in the near future. Prabhas’ multiple looks from the film have been released and they show him in a old school loverboy / choclate boy avatar. The most recent announcement from the film had Prabhas wearing a suit and carry a briefcase as he looked really dapper in it. In the other two looks Prabhas wore a golf cap and all black attire in one poster while in the other he wore a shiny suit and posed with antique cars in an 1970s European setup as backdrop.


Shruti Hassan pairs up with Prabhas in the film ‘Salaar’. The two co-stars have been treating each other nicely and their love and care for each other has been evident as they have shown some gestures of gratitude for each other and this only increases the fans anticipation to witness their chemistry onscreen. The movie is a good ol’ action thriller and Prabhas and his fans know the genre too well and will be looking forward to the pairing’s outing in this movie.


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