Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Call Out Karan Johar For Being Unfair To Zeeshan Khan

By tapasvi
New Update

Last night's Sunday Ka Vaar seems to have been one of the most controversial weekend episodes in the recent times. OTT and 24 x 7 has given Bigg Boss a new direction but with it, this weekend's elimination of Ridhima Pandit came as a shocker. Fans have not taken the episode well as Karan Johar was seen scolding Zeeshan Khan for his fight with Akshara in one of the recent episodes. Suyyash and Kishwer took to their social media to share how they felt it was completely unfair. Suyyash wrote, "I've felt so bad for Zee in today's episode….Poor chap he didn't do anything wrong, literally anything!" Wife Kishwer Merchant also tweeted, "Karan Johar asking questions but atleast wait and let the participant explain why he said what .. ridiculous !!!"

Others in the industry have also come out in support of Zeeshan Khan including fans who have really taken to twitter to troll the host and felt that he's been completely unfair!

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