See Photos: SBI inaugurated a Floating ATM on a Houseboat at Dal Lake, Srinagar

The State Bank of India recently inaugurated a Houseboat ATM at Dal Lake, Srinagar. On August 16 2021, inauguration has been done by Shri Dinesh Kumar Khara, the Chairman of SBI. SBI recently tweeted out the pictures of this event on its official twitter account. The banks said that to attract the tourist and to add some charm of Srinagar.

The SBI tweet read, “SBI opened an ATM on a Houseboat at #DalLake, Srinagar for the convenience of locals & tourists. It was inaugurated by the Chairman, SBI, on 16th August. The #FloatingATM in the popular Dal Lake fulfils a long-standing need & will be an added attraction to the charm of Srinagar.”

Even it’s not the first attempt of SBI for this kind of floating ATM idea. Previously in the year 2004, the first floating ATM machine was installed on the Jhankar yacht, owned by Kerala Shipping and inland Navigation Corporation (KSINC). This ATM was operated between the Ernakulum and Vaypeyan regions, and continues to push its efforts to bring in innovation and spread its reach across the country.

SBI stands the largest commercial bank in terms of assets, deposits, branches, customers and employees and also a largest mortgage lender in the country which gives the home loan. The bank has crossed the milestone of Rs. 5 lakh crore, in home loan.

On June 30, 2021, the bank has a deposit base of over Rs. 37 lakh crore with CASA ratio, nearly 46 percent and advance of more than Rs. 27 lakh crore. The market share of Rs. 34.77 percent and about 31.11 percent in the home loan and auto loan.

The bank also has a massive customer base around 91 million customers using their internet banking and another 20 million using mobile banking services.

SBI’s most popular features, SBI YONO, has close to 36 million registered users, with around 11 million logins per day. It has been noted that bank had seen around 1.5 lakh accounts being opened through YONO in the quarter ended in June of 2021.

In terms of digital lending, the bank gives personal loans of around Rs 2,430 crore through the YONO mobile app in the same quarter.

On social media platforms, SBI has the highest number of followers on Facebook and Twitter amongst all banks worldwide.


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