Korean Cafe Plate D Receives Backlash For Referring BTS As ‘Jackpot For Business’

On 19th August BTS held a live broadcast where Jin and RM tried sandwiches and cakes. They even revealed that the dishes are from a cafe named Plate D, which is located in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. Jin and RM do not like avocados and they did not feel the avocado sandwiches. Though RM tried the ham sandwich and called it “JMT,” which is Korean slang for “delicious.”

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ARMY knows that Jin does not like cream but he still tried the peach lemon cream cake. Both Jin and RM agreed that the food tastes good and continued with the live broadcast. Later the cafe decided to share Instagram stories about its baked goods being featured on the live broadcast. They shared a screenshot of the live wherein RM called the ham sandwich “JMT,” and the cafe captioned it as, “LOLOLOL THE BANGTAN COIN.”

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In Korea, the word ‘coin’ is used in combination with another word in front of it means ‘hitting the jackpot.’ Unintentionally Plate D’s Instagram story used the phrase ‘BTS COIN’ to celebrate the cafe’s name and the menu being popular and promoted on social media platforms. But the cafe received criticism for the wrong term that they used.

Plate D was quick enough to issue an apology as he said that the cafe did not know about the negativity around the word. His note read:

‘Hello, this is Plate D. We apologize for the delay in getting this apology out to you. We want to clarify why we shared the Instagram story that says, ‘Bangtan Coin.’ We assure you that we did not mean to disrespect anyone in any way.

We loved that BTS members liked the sandwiches and cakes from Plate D. We did not know that the word ‘coin’ is being used negatively. We honestly did not expect to offend ARMYs with this phrase.

We’re also huge fans of BTS and we love them. We wouldn’t have used the word if we knew it would be disrespectful toward them. We should have known that it would be upsetting to ARMYs to hear us talk about BTS like that though. And we’re at fault for that, we’re truly sorry.

We’ll try to do better going forward. We apologize once again.’

Plate D’s apology to all the ARMY across the globe created even more stir.ARMY felt suspicious of the cafe having inside connections at HYBE and even questioned if someone from the BTS team is letting the cafe get free promotions.

Within no time, Plate D shared another apology and clarified that it has no connections with HYBE. The cafe even apologized again for disrespecting BTS. Plate D’s note read:

‘ We apologize for using the word thoughtlessly because we got too excited about the situation. We’re sincerely sorry. Thank you, ARMYs, for letting us know about the problem and helping us realize what we had done wrong One more thing about the growing suspicion about us trying to get free promotion through a connection within the agency and this is the truth. No one at Plate D knows anyone at HYBE. We have no connections there whatsoever. We did not ask to sponsor the foods and we did not ask for free promotion ‘.


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