Here’s why #BoycottMyntra and #UninstallMyntra is trending all over India

Here’s Why #BoycottMyntra and #UninstallMyntra is Trending all Over India

After 5 years, netizens are once again trending #BoycottMyntra in Twitter. Read on to find out the reason.

In this age of digitalization, nothing is gone and dusted on the internet. On Monday, netizens started trending #BoycottMyntra and #UninstallMyntra considering the same scenario had taken place earlier too. But this time it is trending for the same reason it did in 2016 for an ‘Anti-Hindu’ poster. But apparently, Myntra didn’t even make the poster. Then why is it receiving backlash? ‘ScrollDroll’ had put up an advertisement for the e-commerce platform showing illustrations based on Mahabharata. In detail, it showed Krishna shopping for an extra longer saree from a shopping app while Draupadi is getting disrobed by Dushaasan. Although the illustration was made for pure humor purposes, Indian netizens didn’t take it well and pointed that it was hurting the Hindu sentiments. And also claimed that it was wrong to gain money by hurting people’s religious sentiments and that it was disrespectful.

Indians Want to Boycott Myntra for Old Anti-Hindu Poster it Didn't Even Make

Once again the advertisement has surfaced online after an Instagram page called out the company and people have started uninstalling the app. But ironically, the company didn’t even make the poster, and back in 2016, it had posted a tweet explaining the same. They also mentioned that the company would take legal actions against those using their brand’s name. ScrollDroll who created the illustration also issued an apology explaining Myntra was not associated with them.

Myntra faces boycott on Twitter and they're not even at fault | Trending  News,The Indian Express
Myntra faces boycott on Twitter and they're not even at fault | Trending  News,The Indian Express
Fact Check: #BoycottMyntra Trends On Social Media In Backdrop Of Old  Cartoon Not Made By Myntra

Social media post from 2016 has Myntra in a soup, netizens trend  #BoycottMyntra
Under Hindu furor in Twitter, Myntra apologized & pulled down the  objectionable 'Lord Krishna Ad'. | Struggle for Hindu Existence

However, the boycott which started five years ago has once again come into the picture and now netizens are getting more worked up with the situation. Some have also uninstalled the app explaining in the review section that due to ‘anti-Hindu’ they won’t continue to use the app.

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