Here Are South Korean 5 Female Stars Who Married Into The Top 1% Wealthiest Families

Today let’s take a look at South Korea’s top 5 female stars who have married into the wealthiest families the nation has seen.

  1. Park Ji Yoon
Park Ji Yoon - 박지윤 - Rakuten Viki

Park Ji Yoon recently shocked the nation with her marriage news. In 2019 she married Cho So Young in a private ceremony. Her husband had previously worked as the Vice President of design at KakaoTalk but was quickly promoted to CEO just a few years later. According to news reports, Park Ji Yoon’s husband’s salary for just one year is reported to be approximately KRW 750 billion (about USD 638 million). And that is without his reported bonus of KRW 2.72 billion (about USD 2.32 million).

2. Lee Hye Young

Lee Hye-young Profile: Husband, Daughter, Movies, TV Shows, and Plastic  Surgery | Channel-K

 Lee Hye Young also has an incredible wealth of her own, which can be credited to her long career in the entertainment industry as an actress, a singer, a stylist, and a fashion brand owner. However, her wealth was increased exponentially when she married Boo Jae Hoon.

Her husband is a partner and one of the co-founders of the private equity company MBK Partners. And while his exact net worth has not been revealed, it’s been reported that his company handles capital that is worth approximately KRW 27.0 trillion (about USD 23.0 billion). It was also reported that in 2017, he sold a popular theme park in Japan and took a commission of about KRW 1.00 trillion (about USD 850 million).

3. Jun Ji Hyun

Get Closer with Jun Ji-hyun: Husband, Wedding, Age, Height, Movies and TV  Shows | Channel-K

Jun Ji Hyun’s husband’s wealth is legendary. He was previously the director of a famous American bank, but eventually took over his father’s business in asset management, where his father was the former Vice President. Jun Ji Hyun’s husband became the CEO and went on to own over 70% of the company’s shares, which are worth approximately KRW 586 billion (about USD 500 million).

4. Han Chae Young

Han Chae Young is Making a Comeback with Upcoming Drama 'Desire' + Rumored  to be the Next 'Penthouse: War in Life' | KDramaStars

In 2007, Han Chae Young married a non-celebrity who comes from a very wealthy finance family. While it is difficult to figure out exactly how much they are worth, her husband’s family is so well-known, that they have been given the nickname “the royal family of the financial world.” In addition to that, it’s been further reported that Han Chae Young’s husband dropped a whopping KRW 7.00 billion (about USD 5.98 million) on her proposal, which included a lavish diamond ring, an expensive sports car, and a luxurious newlywed villa.

5. Lee Si Young

Back in 2017, Lee Si Young married Cho Seung Hyun, a restaurant businessman. It’s been reported that her husband started his restaurant business while he was in his 20’s and has seen incredible franchise success throughout his career. He now serves as the CEO of his company and has an approximate net worth of KRW 2.50 billion (about USD 2.13 million). This number is not including his real estate, which is reported to be worth an additional KRW 4.75 billion (about USD 4.06 million).


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