Do you want to know who is Madhuri Dixit’s favourite Bigg Boss OTT contestant this year ? It is none other than Karan Nath. Check it out!

By tapasvi
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They say fortune favors the brave and in this scenario it’s not just fortune for Karan Nath but support from some of the finest actors in the Bollywood. Karan who is one of the participants in Big Boss OTT has been receiving a lot of accolades recently. The talented actor who has done some impactful films in Bollywood is one of the contestants on the pilot season of the show. In a recent video shared on social media, Veteran actor Shakti Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit were seen rooting for Karan.

Shakti Kapoor shared a video on his social media and Madhuri Dixit shared a story in there video and story they had asked people to watch Big Boss and support and vote for Karan Nath. The industry’s stalwarts are seen coming out in support of their favourites to save them from nominations. Actor Shakti Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit has a massive fan following and their support for Nath will just increase the army of supporters for him. Karanath’s game in the Big Boss is loved by many. He has raised his voice in many occasions when required.

He was also appreciated by matchmaker Seema Taparia too who entered the Big Boss House lately. Well, what can be better for Karanath receiving support from outside and that too from actors who have made a mark in the industry. Shakti Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit’s support would definitely a bigger boost for him to play his game. The one which is loved by millions out there!

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