Add extra zing to your Onam this year with the delicious Sadhya, Quality Time with Family and KURUTHI

Onam is Kerala’s biggest festival which every Malayalee eagerly looks forward to. This is the time of the year where you can see every Malayalee dressed up with the ‘Settu Mundu’ and munching mouth-watering snacks. Another tradition which is deeply associated with Onam is the trend of watching a good movie with your family. We list down things that you should definitely tick off from your list this Onam:

Sadhya: Talking about an Onam without a Sadhya is equivalent to talking about the earth without the moon. The traditional feast served on a banana leaf with 20-25 dishes is enough to make anyone salivate! This wholesome meal is not only fulfilling but is also super healthy!

Family First: Onam has always been the day where every member of the family comes together and helps each other to decorate the beautiful ‘Atthappookkalam’ and also to prepare the ‘n’ number of dishes for the Sadhya and finally gorging on it with giggles and laughter

KURUTHI: An Onam is incomplete if the entire family does not sit together and watch a movie after the heavy meals. This year, we save you the hassle of selecting which movie to watch. ‘Kuruthi’, an Onam special thriller starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Roshan Mathew, which released on the first day of Onam on Amazon Prime Video is doing rounds of media, garnering applause and appreciation from all across. This crime thriller revolves around the fact that hatred can ruin lives of not just people engulfed in it but also of anyone who ventures near it. If you have seen it already, then you know it;s worth a second watch and if you haven’t, then family Onam movie matinee is sorted!

Payasam: This is another gift that God’s own country has given to the world. No amount of words can describe the heavenly taste of this dessert. If you are confused like everyone else on which Payasam to choose from so many options available, try Prithviraj’s favorite this time i.e. the royal Ada Pradhaman

Pappadum: Pappadum is the savoury answer to Payasam! One cannot ever have enough pappadums in their life. This is one accompaniment which goes with anything be it Sambar, Parippu, Moru or you can just munch this crunchy delight just like that

Watch Kuruthi streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer here:


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