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6 times Olivia Rodrigo proved that she is the rising Gen Z fashion icon

6 Times Olivia Rodrigo Proved that she is the Rising Gen Z Fashion Icon

Good 4 u we got you covered up with the new rising pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo's go to style which is a total trendy vibe. Read on further to explore why she is the rising fashion icon of Gen Z.

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In just a short period, Olivia Rodrigo has gone from Disney sweetheart to pop sensation. Her debut single Driver’s License broke all records and the singer is backing more hits back-to-back with Déjà vu, Jealousy Jealousy, Brutal and Favourite crime. Well, it’s not only her tunes we are addicted to but also her Gen Z cool-girl fashion style statement that is chic, funky, and comfortable at the same time.
The 18-year-old singer is serving us with her punk yet feminine looks which is quite aspirational for all the Gen Z’s out there. Before that perfectly pleated skirt and Dior moments, Olivia did experiment with her style and it seems now she has discovered her own aesthetic which is setting OOTD goals out there for many. The pop singer is adored for her style game by many young girls and if you are wondering why… well then we have listed down 6 moments when the singer proved with her style game she is the ultimate rising Gen Z fashion icon:

  • Pastel Prom Queen

Olivia clearly knows how to rock a 90’s style with a sassy attitude and we are all for it. She wore a pastel pink slip dress to her “Sour Prom” which has a subtle floral print and dark pink lace trims elevating the look x100. Rather than opting for usual soft-color heels, she went with her own twist of sparkly baby blue heels. Also, how can we not talk about the bubble-braided pigtails and those playful accessories which are adding that edginess to the look? So cool, isn’t it?

  • Popstar meets Pop punk

As pop-punk is making a comeback, many celebrities have already started embracing it in their own funky way. Olivia Rodrigo also didn’t lack behind to amaze us with her own punk style aesthetic. The singer has embraced the main aesthetic of this style genre i.e. a plaid mini dress with those extra high Marc Jacobs knee-high platform boots that had symmetrical cutouts. Olivia without accessories is incomplete and we love to see how minimal and classy she has kept the rings and chains in this look.

  • Peak Gen-Z night 

We sure did sing our hearts out to Good 4 u a million times. But the epic night when the singer performed her hit single on Saturday Night Live for the first time sporting a plaid jumpsuit absolutely won our hearts. She paired her jumpsuit with Dr Marten’s black boots and fairly proved to be the icon of Gen Z. The mood and setting were the perfect compliments with her style and we are absolutely digging it.

  • Perfect London OOTD 

Combining vintage and trendy can never go wrong and the pop singer surely knows how to make it look good on the streets of London. She gave the perfect OOTD look that Gen Z would love to sport at any place. The singer styled her vintage jeans by Jean Paul Gaultier with a graphic tee and a faux black leather coat with fur detailing. She completed her look with tinted sunglasses to make it look edgier.

  • Winter Baby 

We love to see some good layering in winters especially when it’s Olivia. Leather, converse, sweater, black sneakers, and leopard print bag. 10/10

Olivia Rodrigo is perfectly aware to hit the right chord whether it’s music or her style. And there is no doubt that she is the true fashionista of Gen Z which gives us a pinch of ‘Jealousy Jealousy’.


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