Robert De Niro Birthday Special: Here are 8 timeless classic movies of Robert that you should dare not miss!

Robert De Niro is very comfortably one of the most popular and reputable film actors of all time, remembered for both his dramatic and comedic roles. Going back to the 1960s, there’s a lot of great achievements from the actor in his films that set great examples for the fan. As today we celebrate his 78th birthday, let’s go through 8 of his most loved and remembered movies of all time.

1.Silver Linings Playbook

De Niro earned his first Oscar nomination in over two decades for his assisting role in this romantic comedy-drama from writer and director David O. Russell.

He portrays the father of the leading character, a man attempting to put his life back together after a brutal incident that caused a brief stop at a mental health establishment, and verifies a dynamite impressive sparring supporter for his son, played by Bradley Cooper.


Another corroborating part from De Niro, yet still one of his most extraordinary, he plays a mysteriously courageous handyman symbol in director Terry Gilliam’s nightmarishly satirical prospect dystopia of Orwellian bureaucracy and muffling cityscapes.

The character comes to be a symbol of hope to the crushed main character in their mission to find a wonderful woman who occurs in his dreams and breaks the soul-crushing tedium of his life.

3.The Deer Hunter (86)

De Niro was nominated for Best Actor during The Deer Hunter’s famously controversial crusade at the Oscars along with his co-stars Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, respectively, with Walken winning.

The tale of Pennsylvania steelworkers irrevocably varied by their occasions in the Vietnam war certainly incited both hard positive and negative outcomes but took home both Best Picture and Best Director at that year’s Oscars.

4.Raging Bull (89)

The most meaningful working connection of De Niro’s career as a movie star has, from the viewpoint of fans, indeed been between him and revered director Martin Scorsese.

Their fourth alliance together is their movie about boxer Jake LaMotta and De Niro’s go-getter execution woned him his first win for Best Actor at the Oscars while starting up another of the actor’s most crucial experienced relationships with co-star Joe Pesci.

5.The Godfather Part II (90

De Niro earned his first Oscar nomination–and win–for his part as the younger interpretation of Don Corleone opening as a crime kingpin in Francis Ford Coppola’s followup to his iconic gangster movie, The Godfather.

6.Goodfellas (90)

De Niro came back with Martin Scorsese and Joe Pesci for this true-life tale of mobster Henry Hill and his surge through the ranks. Hill is played by Ray Liotta but De Niro and Pesci completely snatch the show as his psychotic mafia associates.

7.The Irishman (94)

Scorsese and De Niro’s alliance indicated just how powerful the bond between the director and actor is, coming back with Pesci and sacking identical subject matter from Goodfellas to great acclaim from critics and movie fans.

The Irishman revolves around the tale of the adult life of Frank Sheeran, whose requests for a job within the Italian-American mafia purportedly put him amid many major events in 20th century American history.

8.Mean Streets (96)

The first alliance between De Niro and Scorsese was a landmark period in cinema that nothing would have been able to appreciate the full implication of at the time, yet helped complete both figures into the legendary status that they enjoy today in the movie community.

Even though De Niro wasn’t portraying the leading character, his execution in Mean Streets would become the most amazing part of the entire film, and Scorsese’s view of low-level criminals in New York would go on to come to be something the couple would progressively revisit together throughout their jobs.


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