Kristen Bell discloses some of her methods on how she handles her anxiety, depression: Read to know more

American actor Kristen Bell lately opened up about her mental health journey, expressing how she handles anxiety and depression.

The ‘Frozen’ actor lately talked over the several ways she organizes her anxiety and depression, whether it crawls up when she’s at home with her family or busy with work and other programs, reportedly.

In a recent interview with a prominent media platform on Saturday, the 41-year-old celebrity clarified that she doesn’t let her mental skirmishes build up. “I don’t wait for those things to find me. I have a preoperative list to combat them because I know they’re coming,” she told the outlet.

Kristen confessed that when she is battling with her mental health, she turns to three things: exercise, talking about it and giving herself a timeout.

“It’s important to remember those feelings that you are having aren’t ‘your feelings’, but rather a feeling that is passing through you’. Sometimes, with a mental health issue, you just got to let them live,” she said.

If anything, that’s a motto Kristen goes by when parenting her two daughters, Lincoln, and Delta, whom she had with husband Dax Shepard.

The ‘Veronica Mars’ alum said that when one of her kids is crying, she’ll plead with them, “Do you want a solution to this problem you’re crying about, or do you just want to let this feeling pass through you?”

When Kristen is having time while she’s at home with her family, she keeps some time aside for herself. She shared, “I will go to my bedroom for 10 minutes, just to reset and regulate.”

During those breaks, she told that she’ll sometimes use CBD-infused products to assist relax her even more.

Additionally, Kristen disclosed that she uses the same method if she’s on a work Zoom call, and will sign off early to recharge.

“You don’t have to give a reason,” the actor simply put it, noting that it’s the same concept as “putting on your gas mask first, and not being embarrassed about that.”

When it comes to prioritising her well-being, the ‘Good Place’ celebrity recalls herself of a popular Eleanor Roosevelt quote: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

“I just don’t consent anymore. I’m not embarrassed about any of the time I need to take to help myself, because that’s making me a better me,” she explained.


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