Karan Johar lauds Neha Bhasin says, “You have to fight back, you are stronger than you think and you have that personality, that balance .”

By tapasvi
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The most controversial show of the country has come to its first Weekend Ka Vaar, the most awaited episode of Bigg Boss OTT. With the twists and turns taking place since a week it’s host Karan Johar’s turn to take the contestants class.


As we witnessed KJo schooling most of the contestants, he finally let the elephant out of the room by asking about accusations on Neha Bhasin of being biased towards Moose Jattana, clarifying about the same Bhasin stated, “I swear Karan I have never wanted anything bad for her. She had always been a friend but she has not been talking properly to me at all and has been giving me very negative confusing vibe.”

To which Johar reverted with, “You do not have to cry, you are stronger than you think and you have that strength in you, that balance Neha, this is a battle ground and you have to go ahead and win.”

For the record Jattana was previously seen making sexist remarks on Millind Gaba as well as Neha Bhasin which made netizens come out in support of the twos.

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