Jackky Bhagnani ,Tiger Shroff and Jjust music tribute to India : Covid se Azaad hona hai

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The world is unlocking with the lines
"Woh bulbula phir se uth raha hai
Hausla phir se jut raha hai
Ab kuch bhi karna sambhav hai
Ye jaljala phir se saj raha hai"

Speaking about the video Tiger Shroff said:  “As we celebrate the 75th annual celebration of Independence Day, there is a strong element of reflection on the true meaning of the word. Independence doesn’t mean we stand alone, in silo. It means we have the control over our own destiny, our paths and our freedom. I was delighted to partner with Jackky Bhagnani for the release of our song Vande Mataram which was an ode to the sacrifices of our frontline war heroes. Following it’s huge success, we are now proud to support the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s poignant poem Covid Ae Azaad Honge Hum! 74 years on, the notion of Independence is more sacred than ever. The pandemic has taken away elements of our individualities and our freedoms. Just as we strived to be independent all those decades ago, now we shape our actions to ensure we can be independent moving forward."

He now supports the Ministry of Health’s efforts with the inspiring poem. He says: “I am honoured to be supporting the Ministry of Health’s efforts to bring awareness of COVID Appropriate Behaviours to citizens through a lyrical follow up of what we set out to achieve with our song Vande Mataram – to celebrate India and it’s brilliant people. India’s Independence Day stands for the pride that is felt when you stand tall amongst your compatriots and absorb all that is great about India. Today, India’s Independence Day is a more patriotic celebration than ever before, as we regroup to appreciate our safety and health against the backdrop of tumultuous times from the past year. Covid Se Azaad Honge Hum! is synonymous with this. Our independence as a country is what makes our culture and traditions shine so bright, and this year it is perhaps more poignant a message than ever before.”
Jackky Bhagnani reinstates that we are the India that is ready to break all shackles and fly as high as our dreams.
The poem goes on to remind us that the battle hasn't ended yet. 74 years ago, we celebrated independence. Today as we strive for independence from COVID-19, together for all, we must continue to get vaccinated and follow the Covid Appropriate Behavior of wearing a double mask, washing our hands and maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet.

Tiger leaves us invigorated with a message of hope that together, as one billion people live on as one nation, even the sky is not the limit.

During the first pandemic Jacky Bhagnani, the youngest producer in the Indian film industry through his music label Jjust Music spearheaded one of the first collaborations amongst the Indian film fraternity – MuskurayegaIndia - to bring hope to citizens, which was appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. After being conferred with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the musical initiative, Jackky followed up his accomplishment with Vande Mataram. 
The short poem by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is a true reflection of India then and India now. With its comforting words, scenic visuals, soothing music, energetic dance moves, riveting stunts, and impassioned clips, the video beautifully encapsulates the spirit of India, painting our hearts with tri-color.

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