Did Ridhima quarrel with Pratik as she wanted to avoid nomination?

By tapasvi
New Update

Bigg Boss OTT viewers have again witnessed a fiery fight between Ridhima and Pratik. The fight led to a bad mental breakdown for Ridhima. 


All of this happened between the new nomination task And the boss lady and boss man of the house - Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat are saved for this week.

The task has begun! Zeeshan and Divya were the co-panchs along with Raqesh and Shamita. The panch's were going to find out the most Kamchor connection in the house. First all the members defended themselves. The Panchayat came on to a decision that Ridhima and Karan are Kamchor amongst all, but when Ridhima started putting her point across, Pratik as usual started poking her which made her lose her calm and Ridhima criticised Pratik's upbringing. Ridhima had a bad mental breakdown and after which Panchayat changed their decision and nominated Moose and Nishant as the most kamchor connection of the house.

What do you think, Did Ridhima do all this because she wanted to stay away from the nomination?

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