HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ: Jacqueline Fernandez is an actress with heart of gold, here’s why

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These instances prove why Jacqueline Fernandez is an actress with a heart of gold

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Acting and Dancing skills are know by all but what not many know that the diva has a philanthropic side as well. The Bollywood actress is always at the forefront while trying to help the society and today is the perfect time to revisit these instances.

YOLO foundation along with all the other pandemic work

It’s not been long since Jacqueline came up with her foundation named, YOLO (You Only Live Once). The cause that the foundation promised to look after was to try and feed 1 lakh free meals a month, to feed the strays and to donate masks and sanitizers to the Mumbai Police force. Other than that the foundation also partnered up with other NGOs one of them being Roti Bank, to fight the hunger issues of poor.

Action Against Hunger where she partnered with the NGO and has adopted 2 villages of Maharashtra to tackle the problem of Malnourishment

The actor also partnered up with the NGO, ‘Action Against Hunger’ and for the same adopted two villages in Maharashtra named Pathardi and Sakur. The aim is to to deal with food issues of the villagers where malnourishment is a very big issue. She took up the cause last year in midst of the pandemic.

Kerala Rebuild

When the floods hit Kerala in August of 2018, Jacqueline announced a special campaign, Jacqueline Builds, with NGO ‘Habitat for Humanity India’. The actress not only got people to donate for the cause but was also volunteered to help rebuilding Kerala and very few actors would have done so themselves.

Animal welfare

From volunteering at animal shelters to being recognised by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) India to going to UN to raise voice against animal testing Jacqueline has always made her feelings know and has voiced her opinion for the voiceless. Her foundation, YOLO too has taken it up to feed the strays as one of their primary objectives.

Chennai Floods

Just like the Kerala floods Jacqueline had also volunteered and worked similarly during Chennai floods. Jacqueline’s entire team including her manager, assistant, hair and make up artist and others lent their support for the cause by contributing as possible much in their capacity. It was this instant which led to create her partnership with NGO ‘Habitat for Humanity India’. It also marked the first time that Jacqueline first time launched the unique initiative of ‘Jacqueline Builds’.


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