Kylie Jenner Birthday Special: Here are 8 Crazy-Cool Fashion Tips to Learn From the Coolest Kardashian!

Kylie Jenner basically owns the street fashion game stunning us whenever she comes out. Today, as she celebrates her 24th birthday 8 of her street style tips and hacks that will help you display class in your look.

1.A bold belt amps up any look.

Cinching your waist will carve out your figure when you’re stunning the flowy tones, like Kylie’s boxy shift. Tucking in your shirt and putting in a belt does the same thing when you’re rocking pants. Just search your regional thrift store for a vintage belt.

2.Cutouts = Instant Chic

It’s a trendy way to show off skin, without it being problematic to your mom. But just remember: a little bit goes a long way! Level the flirty flash of the skin by maintaining the rest of your outfit more covered up.

3.When in doubt: throw on leather pants.

As these go with any top and immediately make a casual tee and sneaks look ten times more stylish, leather pants are just a go-to for any occasion if you have no ideas. They’re just as adaptable as your fave black leggings, but they have a dressier vibe and add a hint of luxe.

4.Dramatic silhouettes add interest to a minimalistic look.

Modest neutrals can occasionally feel a little bland. Spice them up with extreme shapes and cool plays on fractions. It’s an easy way to score that chic, elegant look that Kylie has mastered.

5.Pants optional.

The Oversized T-shirts look amazing and sometimes work as an unexpected dress. To complete the outfit to perfection make sure to have a pair of booty shorts underneath to prevent incidental flashing.

6.Double up on denim.

Denim is one of Kylie’s favourite dressing neutrals as it’s a blank slate that can blend in with any style and has a cool, laid-back vibe. Top off your head-to-toe blues with some chill accessories to master them like Kylie.

7.Tall booties are cropped pants’ best friend.

When stunning this trendy look, go for high-rise bottoms and be sure your boots are tall making no gaps of skin between the top of your kicks and your pants tho the downside here is that your legs will go on for days but you get a classy look out of it.

8.Turtlenecks aren’t just for grandmas.

Turtlenecks are a classy substitute to a winter scarf and they go incredible with almost any bottom. Tucking a thin, fitted turtleneck into an adept bottom gives the high-neck top a more flirty feel, and in sweater form, it’s a cozy option that’s excellent for blue jeans.


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