EXCLUSIVE: Actress Samreen Kaur on working with Badshah, wanting to do a Bollywood film and much more!

21 years old actress and model Samreen Kaur has appeared in several songs in the past, and the latest one is Badshah’s recent Baawla. 

We exclusively spoke to the actress and had a long conversation about her new song, experience working with Badshah, controversies and much more!

Read the excerpts from the conversation:

Tell us about your song and experience of working with Badshah?

It was an amazing experience, the whole team has worked hard for it and I hope you all will like it because the beat and everything is very catchy, they have also incorporated a small phrase in it which is a Haryanvi folk song and it also focuses on India’s culture. So I hope it strikes a chord in everybody’s mind and you can also create a lot of reels on it (laughs)

What special preparation you did for this song because it’s has Haryanvi touch? 

No, I didn’t do any special preparation. I think it’s very catchy and very easy to get that into your mind.

You have prominently worked in the Punjabi industry, what difference do you see in the regional industry and Bollywood?

This music video is in the Punjabi language, but I can see a lot of difference in the way of working, because, you know the way of working in regional films or a music video and a Hindi music video is a little different because the cities are different so the way people work is also different, but it is a good experience so I enjoyed working in both.

You started with the modeling, so do the models come up with a mindset of entering into Bollywood? 

I don’t think so. It depends on individuals and what their goals are, there are a lot of people who are working here in the modeling industry and they don’t want to go to the Bollywood Industry and it’s their choice, so sometimes people want to go into acting but modeling. 

What is your take on the Student Of The Year 2 controversy? And what if the role is offered to you what would be your reaction? 

I think if the role could not have been offered to me because I am 21 years old? and in the movie, the character that Tara is playing is also 20-21 years old, so it doesn’t make any sense, but obviously, if there is another character in the film or the main lead or anything in the future also if comes to me which is my age and if matches my age somewhere around then I’ll happily do it.
Nowadays there are so many cosmetics and makeup was used for characters to look older than their actual age so will you comfortable playing such characters? 

Not right now, to be honest, maybe in the future, I’ll be ok playing a character who is older than me but there’s a lot of respect for the character and the actor who are ok with doing it and it’s a very hard job to pull it off. But right now to be honest mother’s role is not something I would be interested in because of my age and my face it won’t suit on me.
What is your criteria for choosing a role? 

It has to be a very strong character which has a lot to do with the story and whatever character I play should make a difference in the story for sure, only then I’ll fit in,  and I will be really happy if it is a woman-centric film, 
What are your expectations from the industry? 
My expectations are simply based on how hard I work, and it depends, it’s directly proportional to how hard I work in the future also and how much work I do, it somewhat depends on destiny and what your luck is, but to be honest, I also believe it also depends on how hard you work towards your goals, so I’m never worried about what will happen because I know, I am going to do as much work as written in my destiny.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I see myself acting in a film, I don’t genuinely care how big or small your role is I simply believe in the supremacy of acting like I just want to be working towards what I want to do so in the next 5 years,  I see myself growing in the industry.


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