EXCLUSIVE: 'Jaqeen' duo Talwiinder and Rish on their recently released track, India getting recognition on the global music platforms and much more!

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Every now and then, we come across a song that instantly connects with our soul and becomes a part of our journey. Sony Music India’s Jaqeen by Talwiinder & Rish is a passionate heartbreak ballad that promises to become an instant favourite amongst the youth. We spoke to Talwiinder & Rish exclusively and had a conversation about music, their upcoming projects and much more!



What inspires you to write such soulful tracks?

 There are a lot of things that inspires me, but mainly my experiences and surroundings inspires me to write what i write. I mention the phases i go through in life and sometimes when Moit plays the beat which definitely has vibe in it, that way i get inspired and while vibing on his beats i get inspiration.


Does being a lyricist and a singer makes a difference?

Yes. Like i said before i mention the phases i go through in life and write from my personal experiences, therefore i believe the phase that I may have gone through, someone else may have gone through either. And the more I write myself the more I can feel. So, maybe people would relate more if that happened to them too. Hence, in my case I believe yes being a lyricist helps in making your music more relatable to the crowd.

I won’t say the term “struggling” or “non struggling” because everybody out there is struggling. Even i am struggling right now. Everyone is struggling at some stage or the other! One has to struggle to make something more better, other has to struggle for something else. So I believe there is nothing like struggling or non struggling. But the new comers, who have just started and wish to create good music, i would say one thing- Just be real. Represent what you truly are. Do not copy any other person’s work. Get inspired but never copy. Choose a different path of your own and create your own sound. Just be real. That way people might relate with you and your work.


What are your expectations from our music industry?

Everybody is doing amazing ! I really like Talwiinder’s music, i just love his work and his sound is also very unique and i am happy to state that we just dropped a track ‘Jaqeen’ together and hopefully we will collaborate again in future and try to bring something different. Indian music is going really well and a lot has gone right in past 5 years and I think in the next few years we will do more and I know that the artists who are here have a lot of potential and we can take it up.

Who is your idol? (As a singer and as a lyricist)


Idol or inspiration, I don’t know what to say but- Justin Bieber. But I love his music. Really get inspired from him. Not just his music but the way he carries himself. He’s really versatile and i myself try to do that level work too so that i can also do something like this. The passion he has for his music is also very admirable.

When it comes to global music, how far do you Indian musical identity is there to reach the global levels, moreover, who do you think has truly reached global platforms with their own cultural identity intact! (Global level artists)

 I believe indian music is not far away from reaching and representing at global levels. And we ourselves try to do something different. With our videos and with our sound. Artisttaan always pushes in this thing: that there should be something different, something creative, which we can represent at the global level as well. Me and Aamir bhai ( Aamir Kunwar ) We talk about how to make videos and sound more creative, how to make a difference. He also pushes a lot so that we can take the project to the next level .We just collaborated with Crevixa. Crevixa is a fabulous music video director or should i say he’s a genius. His videos have international vibes, in the next few videos he has given different international vibes. His videos are visually international !  We are trying our best in every way that we can by pushing ourselves and hopefully in a few years we and more of the Indian music identity will reach Global levels. The artists who has represented their language and culture at the international level are Bad bunny, Rosalia, J Balvin and many more. These artists have represented their culture and language a lot. Latin music is heard globally, a lot these days.



You are in the music industry for a long time now; do you find any changes in the music or our music industry?

 I started releasing original music in 2018, and the music scene is changing drastically.


Are you from a musical background? How did you start singing from the age of 5?

 I am not from a musical background, I started singing at the age of 5 by performing at school functions and talent shows.

What do you think about the upcoming talent in the musical scene.


There a lot of new artists who are extremely talented and will go very far and shout out to our seniors in the hip hop scene who made it easier for us young talents to reach new heights and have a career in this field of music.

Do you think being a lyricist helps in making your music more relatable to the crowd! What's your advice to the struggling artists out there.

Yes, being a lyricist definitely helps, because I’m singing my own story which makes it more real and connects with the audience directly.  My only advice is that keep making music that you like, don’t care about what the trends are and what other artists are doing, focus on your own music and create real genuine music that feels right to you.

Who is your idol in music?

My idol in music is Gurdas Maan, Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Nusrat fateh Ali khan

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