Planning to visit japan soon? And also an Anime fan? Then here are the top 10 places in Japan that you surely need to visit!

As we all know Japan is the birthplace of anime, manga, and video games, and hosts a mixture of awesome locations you have to see if you’re an anime lover. It can be surely said that any anime buff would visit Japan at least once or in some cases people just stay admiring the beauty.

Western anime fans may not be aware of the country, but have no fear! Your Anime Senpai has gathered 10 must-see attractions for any anime fan visiting the Land of the Rising Sun.

1.Dogo Onsen

If you are an anime buff, you might have come across this place a lot of time, yes we are talking about the hot springs. There’s nothing more relaxing than joining in a nice, warm dip in a hot spring. If you want a hot spring episode of your very own, visit the Dogo Onsen in Ehime Prefecture. Dogo Onsen’s favour with the citizens and tourists flooded once the critically praised Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away, used the place as motivation for Yubaba’s bathhouse. You won’t discover any river gods or witches at Dogo Onsen, but you will find a refreshing experience that will exhilarate your mind and spirit, a warm bath to rejuvenate your body.

2.Tokyo Anime Center

The Tokyo Anime Center is the exact spot for tourists to submit to their love of anime as it was constructed with that mind. Located on the fourth floor of the Akihabara UDX building near JR Akihabara Station, the Tokyo Anime Center delivers anime data and fun for foreigners and Japanese inhabitants. It regularly hosts live radio meetings with anime producers and voice actors and holds events like autograph signings.

3.J-World Tokyo

J-World Tokyo is like a miniature Disney World of Shonen Jump anime characters. The indoor amusement park in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City enjoys the largest anime action franchises from the publication like One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, and Dragon Ball Z. It’s worth the price of access for the amazing atmosphere alone. You’ll be stunned at the real-life diversion of the Going Merry from One Piece or the ninja ramen shop from Naruto. Any Toonami buff will jump in excitement after visiting the J-World Tokyo amusement park and participating in all the fun games based on their favourite anime.


Akihabara goes by several names: “Electric City,” “Electric Town,” “Akiba.” For many anime fans desiring of flying to Japan, Akihabara is clearly noticed to them as the absolute otaku place. Akihabara is frequently depicted as the epitome of anime culture and for very good reason. A crazy quantity of electronic stores and otaku-oriented outlets are located here, greeting you with its big and loud anime visuals. Along with all this, you can relax with a wonderful meal at the different maid cafes and be treated like royalty.

5.Asagaya Anime Street

With Asagaya enveloped by numerous popular anime studios such as A-1 Pictures, Madhouse, and Production I.G, it is normal to create an otaku paradise at the heart of anime culture. Tho it still has a way to go before coming to Akihabaras level, Asagaya Anime Street is still worth touring for its anime shops, theme cafés, and unique character goods.

6.Tokyo Character Street

Anyone interested to consume their hard-earned money on anime products we just recommend you to visit Tokyo Character Street. The underground shopping street right under Tokyo Station stars many item shops devoted to the biggest anime and gaming franchises in Japan.

7.Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo

Pokémon Mega Center Tokyo store doesn’t just have normal Pokémon stuff like the GameBoy games and console spinoffs. It also has exclusive, one-of-a-kind items that can only originate in Japan. Pikachu-themed jelly drinks, noodles, curry, and matcha cookies are just the trailer of the big pitcher. There are trading cards, key chains, rice bowls, shirts, socks, sponges, and so much more.

8.Suginami Animation Museum

Anime fans who are eager in the narrative and making of anime should go to Suginami Animation Museum. There are displays about animation, dubbing, and the future of anime. The museum also shows off an anime library, a theatre, and interactive workshops for entertainment purposes.

9.One Piece Tower

An indoor amusement park themed inspired by the long-running and still ongoing manga and anime series One Piece, the One Piece Tower delivers a unique kind of adventure with your favourite anime characters through its rides, games, shows, and other exhibits.

10.Kyoto International Manga Museum

With its huge batch of old and recent manga series, the Kyoto International Manga Museum stars walls and walls of shelves restored with manga volumes. It also hosts interim events of works of various manga artists, both new and from the past.


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