Beauty Tips: What To Get Rid From Unwanted Hairs? Here Are The Three Method That You Can Use! Click To Read More!

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Beauty Tips: What To Get Rid From Unwanted Hairs? Here Are The Three Method That You Can Use! Click To Read More!


Are the unwanted hairs are annoying you?

Every single women like to look good and descent, although the women’s try various method and product to stay young and beautiful. So the big question is that, how to remove the unwanted hairs of the body? What is the right method to remove that unwanted hairs?
Why it is good to remove the hairs of our body?

Basically, there is no benefits of hair removal to the skin and even no harm. Not it is a part of hygiene to keep our body parts clean. Many of time it is not possible to keep the private areas clean like underarms, bikini area, legs. Women use to take this as part of cleanness.
In the market there are various product and even methods that helps us for hairs removal. But the thing is all the method is good for us! There are three methods for the hair removal 1. Waxing method 2. Laser method 3. Razor method. All of this method is good for our skin and also available in the beauty parlors.


So today we are going to show you and clear your doubts and misunderstanding towards these 3 hair removal method. Let’s begin


Waxing is a process of hair removal, which removes the hairs from their roots by using a sticky gel and a removal strips. Even there are 7 types of waxing that is, warm soft wax, warm hard wax, cold soft wax, pre-made wax strips, sugar wax, fruit wax, and chocolate wax. Each wax as its own method of removal of hairs. Every one mostly prefer waxing rather than the laser and razor method. As the waxing lasts around 3-4 weeks because the hair is removed from roots.


• Waxing is long lasting hair removal method, which gives you a hair free skin around 3-4 weeks.
• As the waxing removes the hair from roots, it gives a smooth and clear skin for a longer period.
• No cuts or bumps on skin, which means completely safe for skin.
• Over a period of time, the hair grows back finer and thinner, unlike shaving.

• It is a tedious method, you can either need to go to a salon or get a professional to your house to get it done
• Pain is unbelievable because the application is hot and second thing is these hair is pulled out from the root.
• It is a very time consuming method
• Waxing is a very high amount of hair removal treatment
• If your skin is sensitive then your skin gets red



Laser hair removal is the one of the common method that every one used to do in the today’s life. It beams highly concentrated light into hairs follicles. After the initial treatments, of laser hair removal should be permanent if you have a yearly touch up session. There are various benefits of laser treatment.

• It helps to reduce the growth of hair growth
• Laser hair removal treatment not only clean your skin but also smoother the skin
• It is not a painful method as waxing, and no painful side effects
• Laser hair removal treatment gives you a long lasting result even more then waxing around of 2-3 years or more
• Very easy method to remove the hairs and better than waxing and razor

• It is a very long process which divides into the sessions
• And it is very important to attend very session
• The laser removal treatment is very costly than waxing
• High changes of skin burn, if done by non-certified personnel
• Usually not available in clinic due to high cost



Razor hair removal is the quick and easy method that you can do at your home. You don’t need to go for a parlor or to take an appointment. It is a very easily available in the beauty shop and less cost than waxing and laser. It is very small that we can carry anywhere we want. For the instead hair remove the razor is the easy and quickest method to remove the hair from the skin. It stay around 2-3 days or week. Easy and affordable to everyone and gives no pain while removing.

• Razor method is a painless as it doesn’t pull the hair from root.
• It’s available in a very cheap rate and easy to use and needs a very little procedure
• It is perfect for emergencies movement
• It’s clean, hygiene, and suitable for delicate skin
• It doesn’t require and hot element to remove the hair.

• It gives a quick result, but doesn’t long lasting around 2-3 days
• After razor there is huge change of thicker hair growth.
• After shaving it used to say that the skin become dry, so a proper skin care is need to be followed.
• you can get bumps, and unwanted cuts during shaving.

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