Kareena, Ayushmann, Kartik, Taapsee, Rajkummar, Emraan Hashmi, Manoj Bajpayee, Mohit Suri and Pratik Gandhi unite to unveil a big surprise it seems! what’s cooking?

Netizens woke up to intriguing campaign by industry’s top notch talents – Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ayushmann , Kartik Aryan, Taapsee Pannu, Rajkummar Rao, Emraan Hashmi , Manoj Bajpayee ,Mohit Suri and Pratik Gandhi ! They all seem to have collaborated to bring an exciting subject to the fore, but what are they all hinting at? The industry stalwarts today morning took to Instagram and have posted multiple captivating trivia about a particular terrorist attack which has sent netizens and their fans in a frenzy! Kareena Kapoor shared a terrifying fact about an attack, “Italy-9 , Japan-7, Bangladesh-7 and 1 from India! People from multiple nationalities lost their lives in the deadly attack. 12 hour terror ! Taking a hint from the trivia and clues by the actors, fans have put on their thinking hats. While some think that the campaign rooted in the terror attack could be for a web series or an ambitious film project, some fans are of the opinion that they have come together for a common cause towards fighting terrorism. Our source adds, “It’s a special campaign which is close to their hearts. The actors have posted a set of different trivia to engage the audience and get them guessing about the big reveal. Starting 9.20 am, they have a 12 hour countdown ticker leading to a reveal scheduled at 9.20pm. Looks like these numbers have a story to tell.”

Going purely by the grit and nature of their posts, it’s evident that the stars are bringing to the fore a subject of thematic importance. The source adds, “The stars are clearly uniting for a larger reason. The actors are keeping the activity, its details and everything closely guarded and completely under wraps. But from the look of it, one can easily piece together that they are all working towards a common goal.” Sending fans and audience in a tizzy, the clues has everyone glued to their social media to know what lies ahead. What is the common thread that brings all these different talented forces together? Are they collaborating on a film or is this a promotional stunt? Think on, while the big plan is hatched and a bigger reveal awaits tonight!


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