National Crush Rohit Saraf Narrates The Unique Experience Of His Very First Audition

By popdiaries
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Rohit Saraf has become the national crush thanks to his undeniable charm and friendly down-to-earth vibe. Many would think that Rohit’s good looks have always paved the way for him, but it would surprise you all to know that his very first audition was a total mess.


It all happened at Delhi’s Malviya Nagar when Rohit Saraf was barely 15-years-old. “They handed me the script, and it said that I had to jump off a wall, run around and cross a couple of hurdles. And I remember sitting in that tiny room, wondering, ‘Do they have another space where I will have to do the jumping around a bit?’ Obviously, I was terrible at acting. I remember the cameraman laughing because I was so bad,” says Rohit.

But look at Rohit Saraf now and you wouldn’t believe that it’s the same guy. “I was taught that you need to accept that you are bad at something, in order to get better at it. So, I don’t think there will ever be a day when I will take my work for granted,” says Rohit.

It’s indeed true. Rohit Saraf’s hard work and dedication towards his craft come out in leaps and bounds when we look at his acting chops. Whether it's Dear Zindagi or The Sky Is Pink or Ludo or Mismatched or the recently released, Feels Like Ishq, Rohit has always given us some of the most memorable performances.

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