Rahul Vaidya Disha Parmar sum up to a net worth of 2.99 crores

By tapasvi
New Update

Rahul Vaidya who won millions of hearts with his stint in a reality show has sure been a hot favourite of many brands to get him and his better half Disha Parmar to endorse their brands.


While they have been getting a lot of offers from brands Rahul and Disha have come together for the first time to endorse a flooring brand by the name responsive floors. The ad is centered around the couple and their dreams as they begin a new life together.

Rahul and Disha looks magnificient and the ad gives you a beautiful feeling as you watch it. Its. seamless.

When askes as to why this couple is a hot favourite of many. We heard the brand owner say " Disha & Rahul are friends, friends who are family. Today they are a couple who represent what today's India is. Young, modern and chic. For our product they are the perfect choice, as our products too are modern and chic. They were the right choice when it came to our product."

We wish the couple heights of success.

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