Happy Birthday Sonu Sood, Here’s the story of how the reel ‘HERO’ became the real ‘HERO’ in the challenging times

Turning 48 today, Sood emerged as a messiah figure in 2020, People often believe that if you are a public figure then you must use your voice for the betterment of people and the Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood has not only walked on this path but emerged successful in shaping, helping and guarding the ordinary person’s life during the challenging times of Covid-19.

Sonu Sood has been denoted as the ‘Good Samaritan’, ‘Hero of the Pandemic’, ‘The Saviour’ and many more.

When India was dealing with two devastating waves of the coronavirus, the actor stood at the forefront and made the best possible use of his power, finance and privilege to help the people in need.

He helped migrants return back to their homes by arranging transport facilities for them. He and his team facilitated oxygen, injections and hospital beds. His efforts have tremendously multiplied since. He opened the doors to his hotel for health workers. He requested the medical staff and doctors to stay at his Juhu hotel in Mumbai.

The actor further took initiative to feed the hungry. Sonu also launched Shakti Annadanam in the name of his late father, Shakti Sagar Sood, to provide food to 45,000 people everyday in Mumbai.The actor also helped migrants and daily wage workers reach home, so they don’t have to walk thousands of miles. Sonu coordinated with state government and migrants across the country to reunite them with their family through buses, trains and in some of the case air travel too.

The actor then offered employment facility named Pravasi Rojgar to provide employment opportunities to migrant workers in India. His following announcement was in field of education. He launched full scholarship for students for higher education.

Sonu also made an effort to provide free e-rickshaws that can be used to start small businesses. He offered mobile phones to students so their education won’t stop during lockdown.He flew Indian students stuck in Kyrgyzstan, kazakstan, Tajikstan, Georgia and many more countries to India. Sonu also initiated another drive to provide hospital beds, medicines, and oxygen in need.

Sonu Sood is indeed a real hero who is celebrated and loved by the people of India for his undying spirit to help humanity.


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