<em>CBSE uses a Family Man 2's Chellam sir esque tweet to address parents concern</em>

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Family Man Season 2 was loved unanimously and there is no doubt to it. A lot of actors too made a name for themselves and we're loved by the audiences for their portrayal of their characters one such role that emerged was that if Chellam sir. There were soon memes doing rounds on the internet and CBSE has now joined in too with their own Chellam sir moment.


The meme refers to a scene from the hit show and a exchange between Srikant (Manoj Bajpayee) and Chellam sir (Uday Mahesh) is shown. The latter advices the former to chill and be calm the results will soon be here which is what the board wants to convey to the parents of CBSE kid's parents who are eagerly waiting for 10th and 12th results.

Take a look at the post shared by CBSE:

"Don't be a Minimum G̶u̶y̶ Parent.


StayCalm #StayHopeful



The shows season 2 drew in praise of fans as well as critics and was a successful sequel picking up from where season 1 had left. Produced by D2R Films, the much-loved show is now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories.

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