“When i filed the case in 2019, no one supported me”, says Poonam Pandey on Raj Kundra Case

Ever since The businessman Raj Kundra has been arrested in connection with an adult film racket, the case has murkier details coming up every day. So far, the Mumbai Police has been investigating and even conducted a raid at Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s residence and reportedly recovered around 70 Porn Videos. And while the case continues to make the headlines, its got the nation brimming with an opinion. In fact, many actresses have come forward and are making shocking revelations about the case.

Amid this, Poonam Pandey has been actively speaking against Raj and his team. The actress had also filed a case against Kundra and his team in 2019 and the case is still going on. Poonam also stated that, “People are asking me about a court case which I had filed in 2019 against Raj Kundra and his team. They came to me and asked me that I had to sign a contract and if I don’t do that, they will leak my personal mobile number.” She further revealed, “Well, they did leak my personal phone number. It was something that no girl should go through. I was a fugitive. Back then, I was getting so many threatening messages including messages of acid attack, it was spooky.” Poonam also stated that when she had filed the case, no one supported her.

While she did seek help from the cops and court, the case is still in court. She believes if action was taken post her case then many girls would have been saved from exploitaion.

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The actress also said, “I don’t think anyone should go through this. When I had filed this case around 2 years ago not many people came in my support, but today when many girls are coming ahead claiming that they have been exploited. I am a known personality and this happened to me. I don’t know what has happened with those girls. Hence, I would again like to repeat that if anyone of you has gone through something like this please raise a voice because the court case I had filed two years ago when my number was leaked, I was harassed a lot. A lot of my private stuff was leaked. I went through a lot and I sought help from the police and court. The case is still going on. But this would not have happened after two years today, so many girls wouldn’t have been exploited. That’s the only unfortunate thing.”

Meanwhile, Raj Kundra, who had applied for bail in the Mumbai court, has been once again sent to judicial custody for 14 days.


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