Here Are 6 Female TV Characters That Have Earned Their Own Spinoff

TV series are commonly loaded with exciting drama, wild storylines, and ever-changing characters. Lead characters are the heart of any TV show, but they’d be trifle without the aid of a good assisting character. Whether sidekick to a male main character or a fellow female lead, female assisting roles have had historic influences on some of the greatest TV shows of our time. And while the original sequel holds its weight, sometimes the spinoff series is even better than their initial counterparts. Although there are several worthy of mention, here are 6 female TV characters who have earned their spinoff.

1.Pam Swynford de Beaufort of True Blood

Even though there are various lead and assisting roles of True Blood, Pam made herself remembered with her quick wits and dark comedy. It would be intriguing to see a drama focused around her character, perhaps inspecting more of her sociopathic, yet exceptionally loyal attitude.

2.Poussey of Orange Is the New Black

Poussey got a good amount of screen time before her tragic demise on the drama, but there was constantly a bit left to be wished when it came to her character research. She was one of the coolest and intriguing characters of the show, and could necessarily carry a spinoff delving into her expeditions, cultural identity, and friendship with Taystee.

3.Sally Draper of Mad Men

The audience started to learn more about Sally Draper’s true nature as the show was spinning to a close, and she started to give in to her wild side. Because of this, the dominant, heroic side of her character was just starting up to sprout. A spinoff with Sally could skillfully concentrate on her life after tossing out her mother’s antiquated traditions and taking life by the reigns.

4.Susie Myerson of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

The strong but adorable character of Susie Myerson is the archetypal underdog, everyone, roots for. We know so little about her story, but it is such a massive effect on her behaviour and view on life.

5.Callie and Arizona of Grey’s Anatomy

The chaotic love relationship of Callie and Arizona is just one of the several that keep Grey’s Anatomy fans excited with the series. The two have been through all kinds of ups and downs a relationship can go through, and ultimately shift to New York and are meant to reconciliation after one of their many breakups.

6.The Moms of Riverdale

For all the problems the kids of Riverdale stir up, the parents have their decent amounts of secrets, love liaisons, and flat out drama. The moms of Riverdale are particularly distinct and keep Riverdale fans completely entertained. Concentrating on their business with each other, as well as investigating more of their backgrounds and the roller coaster of discussions would make for an exciting spinoff.


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