Here Are 7 Korean Actors Who Grew In Poverty

Many Korean actors have struggled a lot to achieve their dreams. They have overcome many difficult circumstances and one of them is poverty. Here are 7 successful Korean actors who grew up in poverty.

  1. Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye Shares Her Approach To Dating As A Celebrity | Soompi

Park Shin Hye’s family was facing financial difficulties. Even though in this difficult situation she made her decision to go to Seoul to become an actress, her parents left everything behind to support her.

2. Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk Receives Offer For Lead Role In New Drama | Soompi

Seo In Guk came from a very poor family where getting food was a struggle. His mother even picked up boxes as an occupation just so that they could obtain some money for food.

3. Han So Hee

The World of the Married's Han So-hee – 5 things to know about the breakout  star of South Korea's top-rated new drama | South China Morning Post

Han So Hee faced poverty during the beginning of her career. When she moved to Seoul to pursue acting, she only had 300,000 KRW (243 USD).  She worked in a bar for over a year and struggled to make ends meet during this time.

4. Park Bo Gum

The Sexiest Male Korean Celebs Who Speak Perfect English (With Video  Proof!) - The Singapore Women's Weekly

Park Bo Gum also faced difficulty at the start of his career, as he filed for bankruptcy when he was just 22 years old. His father had borrowed some money from a lender and registered Park Bo Gum as a guarantor at the time. After Park Bo Gum debuted he started to get demands to pay off the debt, which had increased dramatically due to the interest rate.

5. IU

IU - 아이유 - Rakuten Viki

When IU was a child family suddenly fell into debt.  This caused IU and her younger brother to go live with their grandmother. They lived in poverty conditions for quite some time, as their home even once got infested with cockroaches.

6. Hyeri

Hyeri - 혜리 - Rakuten Viki

Hyeri’s family has faced financial problems and her mother worked as a factory worker for over a decade. Hyeri has been donating to different campaigns constantly throughout the years because of her childhood situation.

7. Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)

Rain has gone through many hardships. He has once starved for multiple days straight due to there being no food at his home. Also, Rain’s mother’s health got worse throughout the years, as the family wasn’t able to afford medicine for her. Rain’s mother passed away in 2000, which was a couple of years after his debut.


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