Waiting for government's decision regarding reopening theatres": Anand Pandit

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The veteran producer says anticipated blockbusters like 'Chehre' will hit the big screen only when the circumstances are conducive


Veteran producer Anand Pandit has put the release of his much anticipated film 'Chehre' on hold and says most production houses would like to wait for conducive circumstances before they release potential blockbusters.

Says he, "The industry has a tremendous amount of resilience and patience and we know that a pandemic is not the right time to take unnecessary risks. I am waiting for the government's directives regarding the opening of theatres and then will take a call as to when 'Chehre' will be released."

Pandit who has worked to speed up the vaccination drive within the industry and helped create oxygen centres across Mumbai is well-aware of the dangers posed by a possible third wave of COVID-19. He says, "At this time, the more careful we are, the better it will be for all concerned. Yes, the industry needs to go back to work and it is already doing that to some extent but the exhibitors too are an important part of the ecosystem and till they can open theatres to full capacity, we cannot say that we have truly turned a corner. Hopefully, better times are ahead and we can go back to the movies the way we once did, sooner than later."

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