5 web series that showcase beautiful bond with parents over this Parent’s Day

Here’s a list of the five web series to watch with your parents and enjoy this Parents Day!

For the longest time, family shows have created a sense of togetherness when web shows have showcased the very ideal and relatable aspects of a typical family as well as emotions each family member goes through as well. Family shows have binded families together while each member enjoys the fun elements and facts of these stories as well. From classic shows like ‘Hum paanch’ to ‘Full house’ or ‘Modern Family’ shows have connected with families over decades. This Parent’s Day, while lives are cooped up at home, here is a list of shows you should not miss out on watching with your parents to celebrate the day while spending time with them as well.

1. What The Folks!

What the Folks is a heartwarming show that showcases beautiful bonds of a family. The show focuses on strengthening relationships, be it daughter or son-in- law or the mother/ father, each of them take a step to understand one another and grow closer to each other day by day. The talented star cast includes Anita Eisha Chopra, Shishir Sharma, Shishir Sharma, Veer Rajwant Singh, Renuka Shahane, Deepika Amin who perfectly bring out the importance of these valuable relationships and bonds in life.

Available on: Dice Media YouTube channel

2. The Family Man

The Family Man is a must watch with your parents, a fun – filled series yet keeping you at the edge of your seats. The story revolves around Srikant who comes from a middle class family and works for a clandestine government agency, dealing with a high- profile commitment and dedication to serve and protect his family, played by Iconic Actor Manoj Bajpayee. The bonds between the family members of this show, will make you laugh yet get a parent perspective in a hypothetical situation as well.

Available on : Amazon Prime Video

3. Yeh Meri Family

Yeh Meri Family is a fun – filled family drama that will keep you smiling throughout the show. The series will take you back to those old times, when tuitions during summer vacations were so disliked, or the feeling of love when you had your first crush and seemed like a magical moment. The times when birthday celebrations were home- made cooked delicious meals from your mother. Yeh Meri Family perfectly showcases all these innocent moments in a heartfelt yet hilarious manner. The show focuses on the middle-child of the family, who after having a lot of conflicts with his parents and siblings understands the true importance of his parents. This one is definitely one to add to your watch- list.
Available on: NetFlix

4. Mind the Malhotras

The show is a hilarious, amusing yet heartwarming conversation and story of the Malhotra family. While we presume that parents have answers to everything, the series portrays small facts that parents also have their own journey of learnings and challenges they embark in their lives. Most importantly facing them on their own, which is a salute to them in itself. The show is one to add to your must watch list this parents day.
Available on: Amazon Prime Video

5. Gullak

Gullak is a beautiful must watch series that narrates the story of a middle class family in a small north Indian town, trying to get by within their modest means. They are always looking to ramp up their living standard, which sometimes gets them into tricky and complicated situations. The character of mother Shanti, played by Geetanjali Kulkarni makes a wonderful pivot as the wife-and-mother who keeps the ball rolling yet, nagging everyone but with enough energy that pushes the family to bring out the best in them
Available on: TVF Play


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