‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins’ Review: Starring Henry Golding in the G.I. Joe Spin-off Movie as Sleek Ninja is quite Punchier and Eye-Catchy!

Robert Schwentke’s Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins can be called as the biggest most toughest and also nearly as much at Westerners infatuated with romantic notions of Japan as at viewers. Though having an idea like a hero dear by ‘80s fanboys in the world of Yakuza and samurai lore; though this movie is a good deal sillier than that one, it apreas to have the action sequences which is greeted by viewers who couldn’t tell a Storm Shadow from a Copperhead or Zartan.

The story proceeds twenty years later, where the Snake Eyes becomes a drifter, slaughtering opponents in underground fight tournaments while waiting for vengeance. During this period Kenta is introduced who is in search of strong fighters who can find Snake’s father’s killer. In a few weeks, Snake is helping the Yakuza smuggle guns in the enemy’s territory.

But as the story goes on Snake terminates the plan of killing a man Kenta says has wronged him and ends up assisting him escape in the first of many hyperbolic fight sequences. Snake chose Tommy (Andrew Koji) to help and for a surprise Tommy turned out to be the heir-apparent to the Arashikage clan. The Arashikage clan is a rich family who are tagged the shadow defender of Japanese ideals from the time of the Edo era. After the escape Snake is taken on a private jet to their huge white-walled castle, surrounded by guards and an heirloom called the Jewel of the Sun. As things start to get clear for Snake about where he is, Tommy declares that Snake will train to be his right-hand warrior.

Schwentke and his three screenwriters surely want us to experience the unto date details of the Arashikage mythology, with Snake gradually mastering the ninja stealth and samurai honor along with admiring Tommy’s collection of sleek electric motorcycles. Although signifiers of ancient Japanese appear to be all mystical, it was not the important part for Snake’s training for the “Three Challenges of the Warrior.”

As the training continued we are also received hints that Snake is still undercover for Kenta, planning to steal the Jewel of the Sun in exchange his target. His loyalty in the entire movie is questioned and will be uncertain for the rest of the film, as his natural affinity for the Arashikages’ talk of honour is at a balance with his desire to avenge his father.

Throughout the movie we see various motivated scenes which are set place for a new hero’s birth but here it gets tricky as Snake turns into a compelling antihero. Instead having a peaceful time with his friends we are surprised to see how easily he sneaks past their defenses. Even the clan’s head of security, Akiko (Haruka Abe) fails to see what he’s up to, even when he’s ninja-footing around right under her nose.

The creators of the franchise are set to reboot here, so that being said there are many hints and refference give out for G.I. Joe universe. Baroness who works for the evil Cobra organization is also seen in the movie as well as the Joe operative on her tail, Agent Scarlett.

But as a non-fan of the franchise the story also includes elements we cannot expect. One of them could be that not only is that Jewel of the Sun a magical weapon, but Snake’s journey also requires him to fight anacondas the size of dragons, who are somehow able to sense whether their prey is pure of heart. The elements of the movie is all fantasy and really brings out the thrill in the story.

One can agree that slimmer and meaner, not to speak of more palpably violent movies catch lots of eyes. That being said stronger dramatic growth and punchier action movies may be naïve when you’re seeing a movie from the producer of the Transformers series.

Overall Review

7.5/10 stars

  • Story – 5.8/10
  • Direction – 8/10 
  • Characterization – 6.8/10
  • Satisfaction – 7.1/10

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