Here are Top 5 Korean Dramas you can watch this weekend:

If you haven’t been introduced to the Dreamy K-drama world yet, then you are missing out on some epic series.
Here are 5 best K-Dramas to keep you hooked to the smart screens during the wee hours.

With the Indian BTS army already getting stronger day by day, and they are also contributing to us overcoming the language barriers smoothly. OTT platforms are offering an array of Korean dramas with subtitles and the fans are already head over hills.
These are two simple reasons as to why you must watch these shows while in lockdown.

  1. Kdramas are a complete package with powerful scripts, handsome Oppas(male leads), tear-jerking scenes, and some of the best comedy dialogues put perfectly on time.
  2. Kdramas will always have something new that will keep you entertained and excited about what will happen next!!

Here are 5 of the best K-Dramas to keep you hooked to your screens.


One of the quirkiest dramas with Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye ji as the Main Leads. The plot revolves around two completely opposite personalities whose destiny is interwined. Moon Gang Tae is an anti-social, volatile health worker at a psychiatric ward. His sibling is autistic and a huge fan of Ko Moon Young a Children’s book author. His life tweaks when Ko Moon Young enters hospital for the service of children. After a sour encounter, love blossoms between the two leaving behind all the past scars.

CRASH LANDING ON YOU- IMDb rating 8.8/10

‘Crash Landing on You’ as the name Highlights the first meeting between the two main leads is just that. This is not just any rom-com kdrama series but has much more is stores for us. The heavy star cast is led by Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin, who have given justice to the storyline. Crash Landing Narrates the story of a South korean Heirs Yoon Se Ri who lands in the Demilitarized Zone of North Korea in a paragliding mishap. Luckily she meets a genuine soldier, Captian Ri Jeong Hyuk, who helps her plan an escape route for her as a token of love. The message is clear and beautiful, this North-South love story is a story with several twists and turns, a charming supporting cast and one of the most unique scripts.


This kdrama is so famous and is one of the best kdramas that every kdrama lover has watched it atleast once and some of them have started their journey with this kdrama.
Starring Lee Min-ho and Ku Hye-Sun as main leads, it is a classic drama portraying a strong female character Geum Jan-di. She may seem innocent but she has all the potential to turn even a spoiled-brat into a decent lover. The opening scene highlights
Every kid in the school is scared of F4 and if somebody gets a red card from them, they’re likely to be doomed forever.
However, the cards turn when Jandi enters the school with a scholarship and teach Gu Jun-Pyo (F4 leader) a lesson. A love-triangle, friendships, high school parties, Korea’s scenic beauty – You get to see it all. Hence this drama is a must see.

ITAEWON CLASS- IMDb rating 8.2

This kdrama series is a adaption from a webtoon Series of same name written by Kwang Jin.
High school student Park Sae-Ro-Yi is a boy-of-rules. He stands tall by truth, no matter what. His life takes a drastic turn with unfortunate events piled up, leading to chaos. After engaging in an ugly fight with bully Jang Geun Won, he learns that the boy belongs to the influential Jangga Co.
Things turn out-of-hands when his father meets with an accident and he ends up in jail for 3 years.He decides to give life a second chance to detangle the cobwebs of worries. He vows to fulfill his dreams and plans revenge for his father’s death. He opens a small bar in Seoul and eyes to reach top spot beating Jangga Co.
On this vengeful journey, spunky Jo Yi-Seo extends a supporting hand by helping Park Sae-Ro-Yi to reach the masses through skillful social media promotions.

PINOCCHIO- IMDb rating 8.1/10

If you’re looking for an inspiring drama with cute cuddly romance then this kdrama is perfect for you.
Though the emotional depth one witnesses while watching Pinocchio is sure tear-jerking. The handsome Lee Jong-suk is paired with Park Shin-Hye (Yes! our favourite the heirs lead). The storyline portrays two head-strong characters: In-ha and Ha-Myeong who pursues the Journalism path for different reasons. In-ha suffers from Pinocchio syndrome which becomes a major setback for her to achieve her career prospects. While Ha-Myeong seeks to do honest news without any fabrication as he had a darker past because of the latter.

Each episode will keep you hooked to your screens and have you on your toes all the time.

Let us know which one is your favorite.


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