#Beggin stuck in your head? Well, these stars are the reason this song is going viral on short content apps!

The song has not only been topping the music charts across the globe but also has been raging in digital space,with more than 475K reels, garnering over 30 million views!

With as many as 23 platinum and 5 gold records in Italy, Måneskin have got everyone grooving and moving to the beat. Well, on their way towards global domination, the Italian rock band have taken the internet by storm with their latest number, the hip and happening Beggin. The song has not only been topping the music charts across the globe but also has been raging in digital space, with more than 475K reels, garnering over 30 million views. While it’s at #1 on the Spotify Global Top 50 Chart, it’s at #4 on the Spotify Chart And #9 On The IMI Chart In India. Not to be left behind in the buzz, our Indian celebrities and influencers have also been stepping up to its catchy beats on their reels, in their own special ways. Here are 6 reels that have our hearts!

1.Disha Patani 

This woman loves to stay in the very pink of health and never fails to give/set fitness goals time and again. The time around, the actor does a somersault with utmost ease and confidence with the song playing in the background. Seeing Disha surely makes us want to start a fitness regime, play #beggin and stay fit and fine. 

2.Milind Soman

Milind Soman loves to run and run a lot. Along with his Greek-god like looks, watching him pace away in the breath-taking location of Ladakh with the #beggin track playing makes us want to put on our running shoes and hit the road just like him.

3.Kubbra Sait

Who thought this song can be a motivational workout song? Well, Kubbra Sait is definitely pumping her way to fitness on the beats of this chartbuster, giving us a glimpse of her inspiring gym sessions. I am sure you will agree on this, she has managed to make the grind look fun AF with the song. 

4.Anushka Sen

Television actress and internet sensation Anushka Sen is giving us fashion goals. In her latest reel, grooving on the latest hit song #Beggin, we can see her styling her outfits on this trending track and looking as fabulous as always. 

5.Awez Darbar 

This choreographer and Instagram influencer is currently obsessed with the song to such a level that he actually went the extra mile and prepared a dance routine. It was a spectacular sight to say the least as he performed alongside his dancing partner and popular choreographer Jueili Vaidya  for their Insta family. Don’t you just love the electric performances of these two that showed their sizzling chemistry?! We sure do.

6.Anam Darbar 

The influencer frequently posts photos and reels on her Instagram, winning hearts of her followers every now and then. This time around, she has created this makeover video, where her fans get to watch her bold make-up transformation. Throughout the video, Anam Darbar appears to be effortlessly posing and showcasing her creative makeup looks. 


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