Aakanksha singh opens a cafe in Jaipur , calls NGO kids as special guests

By popdiaries
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After exploring various mediums and languages in the world of entertainment, actress Aakanksha Singh has added another feather to her hat. She has turned entrepreneur by opening a cafe in her hometown, Jaipur.


It’s called Atariyaa. It’s a beautiful place and I’m so glad I could finally fulfil my long-pending wish. I always wanted to open a cafe and when my brother-in-law Abhishek recently suggested the idea of doing it together, I instantly came on board. We have done the place beautifully and it has a very vibrant and peaceful vibe. It’s a great place to be at, both during the day and night,” says Aakanksha

The cafe was inaugurated in Jaipur on July 15 in the presence of a few kids from a city-based NGO. Explaining why they decided to have the kids as special guests, Aakanksha says, “What could have been better than seeing such vibrant smiles on the kids’ faces! We had a great time with them and we felt great when they cut the ribbon. We danced and played musical chairs with them. We had arranged a special menu for them, comprising things that kids really enjoy, like noodles, pizzas and ice creams. We also had a swing at the cafe and they had a great time on it. They also enjoyed leaving the helium balloons in the open and see them soar towards the sky.”

While Aakanksha keeps travelling for work, she’s content that her family is in Jaipur to take care of the cafe. “That was one of the main reasons for opening it in Jaipur. So whenever work makes me travel, I have people to take care of the place,” she says.

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