<em>Ananya Panday interacts with the founders of the the initiative 'HelpNow', salutes them for their work amidst the second wave of Covid-19!</em>

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In the devastating second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw several good Samaritans who rose up to occasion and offered help around in every way possible. Actress Ananya Panday aims to hail those Samaritans who relentlessly worked round the clock, to offer help around, through the power of social media.


One such initiative is 'HelpNow', which aims at reducing the ambulance arrival time from a margin of 50 minutes to 15 minutes. With 350 ambulances in its fleet in Mumbai, HelpNow is the largest private ambulance provider in the city. It also extended its services to Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru four months ago.

Ananya Panday spoke to the founders of the service, to understand how have they been in helping the people around and what made them take the brave step, via a virtual chat.

The video of the same, was uploaded on Ananya Panday's So Positive account. The caption read, "Ananya Panday in conversation with the founders of HelpNow24x7


Ambulances can be life saviour's in times of a medical emergency. However, getting an ambulance at the right time during an emergency had become highly unlikely and hence, these IIT Bombay students initiated, 'HelpNow24x7'. An initiative that ensures timely arrival of an ambulance at the desired spot. HelpNow24×7 was of some real help when the whole nation was raring for medical services during the pandemic. Noble doers Aditya & Shikhar share how the idea was conceived and much more!

To take ahead our campaign #SocialMediaForSocialGood, join us today as @ananyapanday speaks to two students of IIT Bombay - Aditya Makkar and Shikhar Agarwal. They also have Venkatesh Amrutwar who is the third partner in this initiative but unfortunately couldn't join us today.

Watch the Interaction & get to know more about these unsung heroes as they share more insights about their noble cause!"


Under the same initiative, Ananya had recently joined hands with Mumbai Police cyber crime branch to raise awareness around cyber bullying, and the ways to tackle it. The actress recently extended the scope of her DSR 'So Positive', as she launched another initiative 'Social Media for Social Good', to hail good Samaritans who have used social media for the greater good of the society.

The actress launched 'So Positive' campaign in 2019, to raise awareness against cyberbullying and spread kindness in the social media space.

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