STAS KRAVCHUK—- The leading Entrepreneur who has given a new definition to it!


Stas Kravchuk is a 33-year-old prominent CEO of Wraptors Inc Capital, President of Canadian Marketing Ground, Co-Owner of Ambitious Hustlers, from Yekaterinburg, Russia. As his chore speaks itself this man has attained a lot in his life but it wasn’t a path full of roses for him. His humble beginning and path full of hurdles made him one of the strongest and admirable entrepreneurs ever.

Specializing in marketing and small & medium enterprise management, he likes to try his hands in all types of ventures, he does it for the passion of business rather than a passion for money. His Previous ventures include windows and doors company, clothing niche, lifestyle brand, tanning salon, lounge, and many others. Making small influence daily and motivating young entrepreneurs to do competently. He was Shot twice & stabbed 7 times, agreed to change his life around and focus on changing lives and assisting people and encouraging business growth mentally, financially and spiritually.

A young entrepreneur with heavy shoes, who resume to thrive pass all the unfavorable surroundings and at times where the conception was a blur. Made something out of nothing. This was all premeditated and designed in his head and his heart, the life he is living now. Thus, being an inspiration for many he has already proved out to be one of the versatile personalities possessing the true essence of entrepreneurship. We wish him good luck for his future!

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