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From Rekha To Kangana Ranaut, Meet The Steel Ladies Of Bollywood!

From Rekha To Kangana Ranaut, Meet The Steel Ladies Of Bollywood!


From Rekha To Kangana Ranaut, Meet The Steel Ladies Of Bollywood!

Bollywood has seen various real life Neerjas, Mary Koms, Sehmats etc in our B-Town actresses where they have redefined what actually it means to be brave and self-assuring. Read on…


The leading ladies of Bollywood possess all traits from being glamorous, lady like, sassy, fashionable, desirable and much more but it is not just that! They have time and again proved that they are brave and are steel wrapped in velvet. The sad truth is that Bollywood is a male-dominated industry and it just doesn’t has double standards but from fat pay-checks to meatier roles, the actresses have suffered a lot in terms of getting quality work & pay. From Rekha to Kangana Ranaut, here are a few ladies ladies of Bollywood who have proved that they are strong, utmost brave & are complete in themselves without being dependent on a man for everything…

Rekha : She has seen it all from success to failure to heartbreaks to even facing rumors which said that she is a WITCH and knows black magic. One of the most iconic actresses of B-Town, Rekha was rejected in love, started getting roles which did not match her caliber and even her life-partners died early. The actress faced it all and stood tall against all odds. She is still working and is a successful single woman who despite the abandonment & the discard which she received from the industry, taught us how to ‘never say never’.

Preity Zinta : The true brave-heart of B-Town, the dimpled beauty, Preity Zinta has taught the ladies and the men of the industry that it is better to speak out the truth and be brave & bold rather than trying to maintain a false image. Preity has always stood up against the wrong and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In 2003, Zinta became the first recipient of Godfrey’s Mind of Steel Award, given to her for the Courageous Act of standing up against the mafia & underworld goons when the leading men decided to back out and she also recently spoke out against physical abuse by filing a FIR against her former boyfriend and business partner, Ness Wadia.


Kangana Ranaut : She has become synonymous to courage in modern times. Kangana Ranaut is blunt, inhibited and a true feminist. From taking an open war against the biggest and most powerful film-makers and actors in B-Town to single-handedly bringing the serious issue of nepotism forward in the industry, Ranaut has been a true flag-bearer in ways more than one. She is still fighting her battle against the who is who of B-Town and is always surrounded by controversies but her carefree & brave attitude towards life make her what she is!

Deepika Padukone : She is the definition of a new-age modern woman with grace personified and boldness with her heart in the right place. Saying no to nomadic rules, Deepika Padukone, the gorgeous actress has already proved her mettle and made a mark in the industry becoming the highest paid actress surpassing her male co-stars. What really makes her bold is that she lets her work speaks more than her going out and voicing opinions just for the heck of it. She does raise a voice and shares an opinion whenever needed but it never seems unnecessary. From talking about the dirty reporting and calling out leading newspapers to even coming out about her mental illness depression, DP has proved that she is ballsy. The actress talked about every sphere of her life with utmost grace and bravery and trust us, it is NOT easy!


Anushka Sharma : She is fierce, fiery and full of wonderful surprises. Far far away from being a cave-woman, Anushka Sharma is a string independent woman who is known for doing things her own way and emerging successful always. Whether it be choices in life or business ventures, Anushka was one of the initial actresses who made it look oh-so-easy! She chooses not to be a part of any camp and stays away from all the Page 3 parties as she is not the one who has a pleasing nature. We love her and we want her to stay the way she has always been!

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