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Arjun Kapoor Was Asked About His Church Wedding With Malaika Arora And Did NOT Deny It!



Arjun Kapoor Was Asked About His Church Wedding With Malaika Arora And Did NOT Deny It!

The B-town couple Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have been rumoured be having a Church wedding in April this year!

The love birds Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have started talking about their relationship in public. Both of them do not avoid the questions on each other and have recently been expressing their affection openly.

The two of them have been rumoured to be getting married in April this year in a Church wedding. When asked about the same, Arjun told IANS, “When there is something to talk about, you will all know.”

Well, the actor did not confirm anything but he did not deny the news either!


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“It’s your choice how much you put out there or yourself and your availability. Today you have a lot of control over as to how much you want people to know about your life. Speculation and gossip is a part of it. I am not the first actor or the last. Our entire tribe is immune to it… Because it is the nature of the business,” added Arjun talking about how he doesn’t get affected by the rumours.

Earlier, when Malaika was asked about their wedding on a chat show, she had clearly denied the reports saying, “Oh god, oh god, let’s not even have these…this is all media made (blushes). The media is responsible for all of this. All media made (laughs). That’s all I am gonna say about this. All media made.”

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