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Here’s The Complete Guide To BTS’ Next Comeback ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’!

Here's The Complete Guide To BTS' Next Comeback 'Map Of The Soul_ Persona'!-min


Here’s The Complete Guide To BTS’ Next Comeback ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’!

BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan is definitely making our 2019 start on a great note as they release the dates of their next comeback, ‘Map Of The Soul- Persona’:

Taking to world domination with their healing music and power of their fandom aka ‘ARMYs‘, BTS is ready to launch their new album as a great kick-start to this year!

While we thought that we couldn’t get over ‘Love Yourself: Series anytime soon with the lovely solos to the spellbound musical intelligence, all creating an addiction that we never want to give up listening to! Well, this worldwide famous K-pop act has got a bigger surprise for their fans and the world, as they ring in their next comeback with the all new series of ‘Map Of The Soul-Persona‘.

This series album is based off of another psychological evaluation of the the human mind and soul! There’s is no longer any confusion that BTS’ music resonated with people from all walks of life, for the sole reason that their music creates an awareness of our self, our own galaxies!

Just like Love Yourself series talks about creating an inner doorway called the ‘Magic Shop’, for the exchange of fear with happiness; this new album series shall be based on the psychoanalysis of Carl Jung, who’s the author of Jung’s Map Of The Soul.

The theory is based off on his creation of Archetype personality psychoanalysis, that covered four arch types, persona being one of them. Persona or The Mask defines the outward face we present to the world. It conceals our real self and Jung describes it as the conformity archetype.

Basically, the public face or role that a person presents to others as someone different to who we really are (like an actor).

The title of the album was previously hinted to during an introductory video fronting the group’s performance at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong.

Map of the Soul: Persona will be released ahead of the group’s upcoming Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour, which dates to April 12th, 2019. And, seems like with ARMYs, we too are going in a frenzy with the palpable excitement!

Meanwhile, preorder for this album starts as early as tomorrow- 13th March, as confirmed by the company of the group, BigHit. To know more stay tuned to the Official Twitter account of Bangtan India, the official fan-account for Indian ARMYs.

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