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#MeToo: Tina Dutta Accuses Mohit Malhotra Of Touching Her Inappropriately On The Sets Of Daayan!


#MeToo: Tina Dutta Accuses Mohit Malhotra Of Touching Her Inappropriately On The Sets Of Daayan!

The leading actress of the TV serial Daayan, Tina Dutta has accused her co-star Mohit Malhotra of touching her inappropriately on the sets of the show!

One of the latest stories coming under the #MeToo movement is that of the TV actress Tina Dutta. She has accused her Daayan co-star, Mohit Malhotra of getting too close and touching her inappropriately.

The actress told SpotboyE, “He would say that his character demands that he should keep his hand here and there. There was a big showdown on the set. It happened at Klick Nixon Studios, when we’re shooting for a hospital scene. Some media people were also there and they saw this.”

When asked if she has ever tried to make it clear to Mohit, she said, “Of course. I made it loud and clear. I have done rape scenes, romantic scenes and intimate scenes before in my career, but never faced something like this with anyone before. He is so annoying. He is so frustrated.”


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She claims that the actor even recorded a video of them standing together and circulated it everywhere to show that everything is fine between them.

“It was going on since a long time. I went public only after it became so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. Nobody gives excuses like him that ‘woh scene mein bahek gaya tha’. He can’t say he got carried away. He was obviously doing it deliberately,” added Tina.

A response on the accusations from the actor is still awaited.

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