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Stop Fake News Against Shah Rukh Khan: The Superstar Has Only Served His Country, Viral Video Is FAKE


Stop Fake News Against Shah Rukh Khan: The Superstar Has Only Served His Country, Viral Video Is FAKE

Shah Rukh Khan’s love for his own country India has been questioned time and again and sometimes as an Indian such kinda things upsets.

The person who has been working and living in India for more than 25 years and being more Indian at heart than many of us, we forget how we treat when anything as sensitive as Pulwama terror attack happens.

Who isn’t disturbed after this horrendous incident? We all are. However, the time of being at our peaceful best, the people are on an attacking spree. From blaming the celebrities on not donating to taking our own calls on the terror attack.

Shah Rukh Khan has been the latest person who has been targeted.  A video went viral about Shah Rukh Khan donating 45 crore to Pakistani victims of Gas fire tragedy. Well, that video atleast claimed that they are pretty sure that it is our superstar SRK who donated the money.

Reacting to a baseless jeopardised truth, the social media and common people made an instant judgement and started accusing Shah Rukh Khan of having ties with all kinds of terror groups to boycotting his movies.

What worse can a hard working, dedicated and always giving Superstar like Shah Rukh Khan get in return of all those kindness he has given us.

From donating for villages and its electricity to poor families to Uttarakhand flood victims to Tsunami , he has done it all.

The only reason why we did not really hear about it on large scale is that he doesn’t propagates his noble doings in front of people or media. But in the records SRK has done all things possible always to help the needy.

At this hour of the day, we are blaming such a person on the basis of one random video shows how easy it is for anyone to break us apart.

We have to understand that attacks are not just for physical harms but also to breakdown the state of art and the core of our system, people and everything that binds us together. Let’s not play the blame game but instead donate for the families who have suffered a loss.

You guys can donate here:

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