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#9YearsOfMyNameIsKhan: 9 Reasons Why This Movie Remains An All Time Favorite Kajol-Shah Rukh Khan Starrer!


#9YearsOfMyNameIsKhan: 9 Reasons Why This Movie Remains An All Time Favorite Kajol-Shah Rukh Khan Starrer!

Today marks the completion of nine years of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer ‘My Name Is Khan’!

My Name Is Khan is a movie that one just can’t go without watching or shouldn’t, not because it has Shah Rukh Khan but also because it deals with so many other facets of life, society and people.

There is no doubt that the iconic movie, isn’t just a film with stellar performances by both Shah Rukh and Kajol. It is one that talks about some really sensitive topics across our nation. From equality regardless of religion and beliefs to stereotyping people on various reasons. And, of course making us realize the power of love and acceptance.

So, even after nine years this film holds just as much of importance and emotional equity as it did when it got released! And, here’s 9 reasons why it shall keep doing so even in the future:

– Both, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol made a big comeback as the iconic Jodi since their last film together.

– The movie witnessed Shah Rukh Khan giving us a performance that we shall never forget in our lifetimes, as the adorable yet goals like Rizwan.

– A movie that wasn’t away from speaking about and showing that there are important social issues that needs to be addressed directly, rather than being tip-toeing around.

— My Name Is Khan was that one movie that got us taking away the real sense of equality in the most subtle way.

Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic chemistry even in a film like My Name Is Khan, was tapped in the most unusual way. And, we loved the sweet to mature vibe in the most realistic sense!

– One of the finest Bollywood movies that created a broad global impact!

– The Magic of Karan Johar’s ace direction and keen sense of storytelling, but this time, he set new standards for himself beyond the romantic love stories he is always known for!

– My Name Is Khan has some of greatest musical hits, it created such a heart touching playlist that even today it gives us goosebumps.

– Lastly a movie of lifetime, where we see some intense emotions, the power of determination and the magic of love.

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We can’t thank Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol enough to give us a film of such caliber and with stellar performances that made us cry, giggle and take away a whole lot, after watching it even now!

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