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Rohit Bal’s Showstopper(s) Surprised Everyone at Lakme Fashion Week 2019


Rohit Bal’s Showstopper(s) Surprised Everyone at Lakme Fashion Week 2019

Day 2 of Lakme Fashion Week saw the likes of Rohit Bal and the designer had a surprise for everyone.

While the show went on, no one expected to see eight Kashmiri women to be the showstoppers for ace designer Rohit Bal’s collection. The Kashmiri women, trained by Usha Silai and her team, won all hearts last night.

Rohit Bal says it was a conscious decision to make these women walk the ramp. Born in Kashmir, Rohit is still connected with his roots. His creative interpretation of Kashmir has thus, always brought out the ‘paradise’ image of Kashmir. Although we may see otherwise in some movies. He showcased his line called ‘Guldastah’ at the Lakme Fashion Week 2019.

Rohit says,” It’s a simple explanation. I come from Kashmir. I am a Kashmiri, I know what’s happening in the state. I grew up in a free Kashmir and unfortunately now it’s a warzone.” He went ahead to say that even though there is trouble he wants people to believe and see the beauty of Kashmir that can never be taken away.

He says the beauty is akin to “a silver lining in a black cloud, a ray of hope, and a light in the thunderstorm”. “I want people to know that Kashmir may be wartorn, but the beauty of Kashmir will always be a part of a Kashmiri’s life… By showing this beauty, I want people to understand that there’s always a ray of hope,” said the designer.
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Rohit let the eight Kashmiri women take the center stage, the spotlight, and the standing ovation. It was an emotional moment for him as he said, “Nothing can give me more satisfaction than doing this. In fact, after doing this, I am feeling I’m going to do so much more and I’m confident about giving back to these people.”

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