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#MeToo: Mumbai Court grants bail to Alok Nath, says ‘Falsely Implicated’; Vinta Nanda reacts



#MeToo: Mumbai Court grants bail to Alok Nath, says ‘Falsely Implicated’; Vinta Nanda reacts

Vinta Nanda had filed a case against Alok Nath alleging that he raped her 20 years ago.

Writer-director Vinta Nanda had shared a heart-wrenching post on Facebook in wake of the #MeToo movement alleging that Alok Nath had raped her. She also said that she didn’t have the courage to speak about it until now, but with the #MeToo movement maybe it was time to come out and speak. Vinta further officially launched a complaint with the Mumbai Police and the case is currently in court. Like all other culprits, Alok Nath had also denied the allegations.


The senior actor Alok Nath has been accused of rape by Vinta Nanda, the producer-writer of the popular 90s TV show Tara!

The Mumbai Sessions court on Tuesday granted anticipatory bail to Alok Nath and observed that “The offense against the actor has been registered on the basis of a patently defamatory, false, malicious, derogatory and imaginary report of the first informant or complainant (Ms. Nanda). The report or complaint is inspired by the complainant’s personal vendetta towards him.”

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After the court granted bail, Vinta also made a statement that was shared by Spotboye, “The court has granted Alok Nath anticipatory bail but conditions apply. I respect the order because I trust the process of law. Like all other predators so has Alok Nath denied allegations against him and it was expected that he would do so. In his application for anticipatory bail, he has cast aspersions on my character and tried to mislead the court by cooking up stories, which are completely false and untrue. I clarified each point by which Alok Nath and his team tried to mislead the court, through an intervention made by my lawyers but because the proceedings were between the state and Alok Nath, my reply was quoted limitedly in the final order. However, I must say here that I am grateful that my reply was accepted and put on record.”

She added, “Everyone who knows me and who knows Alok Nath personally also knows the truth and there is nothing in the world that will change those facts. I may be fighting this battle in court alone but my family, my friends and my industry all know what the truth is. CINTAA has already expelled Alok Nath after having concluded that I am telling the truth, after having heard not just what Alok Nath had done to me but after having heard what he has done with all the other victims of his assaults and such behaviors. Can it be that all of us Sandhya Mridul, Navneet Nishan, Himani Shivpuriji, Deepika Amin and the so many other women who have still not gathered the strength to come out publicly with what they have been through because of him are lying and the one and only Alok Nath is telling the truth?”

She concluded saying that she will let the law take its own course.

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