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Varun Sood Opens Up Like Never Before, Reveals Why He & Benafsha Soonawalla Broke Up!

Varun Sood Opens Up Like Never Before, Reveals Why He & Benafsha Soonawalla Broke Up!


Varun Sood Opens Up Like Never Before, Reveals Why He & Benafsha Soonawalla Broke Up!

A lot has happened in the life of Varun Sood who is now being all vocal about it. Read on…


The former Roadies contestants Varun Sood and Benafasha Soonawalla were dating each other but the couple broke up later!

Baring it all after his stint on the reality-show Ace Of Space hosted by Vikas GuptaVarun Sood shared details of his newly found love in Divya Agarwal, the real reason behind his break-up with former girlfriend Benafasha Soonawalla and why he has blocked Priyank Sharma on all social portals.

On his newly found love in Divya : Varun said, “I owe Divya and my togetherness to Chetna Pande. If she wouldn’t have been there I wouldn’t have got this realisation. The thing was when I met Chetna for the first time, I got attracted to her, then we became amazing friends. She understood me really well and I used to share a lot about Divya to her and she realized that it wasn’t just friendship between us two.”

He continued, “Chetna gave me the confidence to go and tell it to the world that I love her. She understood the whole situation and took it very maturely. And I am glad to have Chetna in my life as she was the main reason for my and Divya’s togetherness.”

On Priyank And Benafsha’s hurting behavior and why he has blocked both of them : Talking about how Ben and Priyank have hurt both of them, Sood quipped by saying, “I feel what Priyank did to her (Divya) and what Benafsha did to me was wrong but it was all written. But I am glad that due to this Divya and me got to know each other. They don’t deserve anymore appreciation from both of us but I will not deny the way they hurt me and Divya, made us realise each other’s importance as we turned best of friends and then fell in love.”

“I have blocked both of them from almost a year. And I haven’t read about what all they have written and I really don’t care what they are writing. I am done with them and want to stay away from them,” he added.

Blaming it all on Priyank, Varun concluded by saying,  “I came to know about it 8 months back. No matter how much they hide, they are together we all know that.” Varun also added that his and Ben’s break-up happened because of Priyank Sharma.”

That’s a lot many revelations!

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