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Tanushree Dutta’s #MeToo Movement Shall Now Be Taken Forward By Her Sister, Ishita Dutta!

Tanushree Dutta's #MeToo Movement Shall Now Be Taken Forward By Her Sister, Ishita Dutta!


Tanushree Dutta’s #MeToo Movement Shall Now Be Taken Forward By Her Sister, Ishita Dutta!

While, Tanushree Dutta might be going back to US, post her short-term homecoming in the bay, seems like her family will support the MeToo movement regardless, as per Ishita Dutta’s recent statement!

In a recent conversation with Bombay Times, about the recent #MeToo movement triggered by her sister, Tanushree Dutta’s confession of being sexually harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok! Please; Ishita comes out to support and take forward this movement on behalf of her sister, who’s left for US.

“My family and I will take things forward on her behalf. We are proud that she started this movement and we are just hoping that this movement doesn’t die in a few months.”

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Post her five-month stay in India, while triggering a movement that helped women open up about harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace, Tanushree Dutta is all set to return to New Jersey. Talking about the dreadful incident that took place with her sister, “This (the incident) happened 10 years ago and my sister spoke about it back then also, but it is sad that no action was taken. I was in college at that time and I clearly remember people banging on the car with my father and sister sitting inside it. I saw it on the television and was terrified. We are simple people and it was too much for us to take. I think that incident has scarred my father for life.

It was very upsetting for all of us. Even now, as a family, we were scared and there were a lot of people around us telling us don’t say this or that. We always supported my sister and encouraged her to speak, but we were scared of threats and terrified about her safety. There was a point when she even had police protection. All all this happening to your loved one surely freaks you out,” says Ishita.

Being in the mainstream telly industry, the actress talks about the change post the #MeToo movement, about the mocking as well as the progressive security for vulnerable women and men alike!

“The first change that has come in the industry is the acknowledgment. Now, there are people supporting us from within the industry. We have actors who have stopped working with certain actors and directors who were accused during the #MeToo movement. The Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) is trying to come up with some solution and taking necessary steps.

We understand that a big change won’t come overnight, but at least there is acknowledgment of these stories that have come up. There are renowned directors and actors speaking about #MeToo movement at forums. A lot of people from the industry called and supported us. I get very angry when sometimes people take it as a joke and say, ‘Arre pata nahi #MeToo mein kuch likh diya toh’, but at least that fear is there now.”

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Commenting on how proud she is about her sister’s bravery and the courage to show other women that they shouldn’t have to feel inferior or vulnerable as well.

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“Though there are still girls who feel that they are not at that level in their career where they can speak up. They fear that the minute they speak up they will just be replaced in their workplace. But, there is also a good number of women from different fields who often come to me, some even break down, telling me how my sister’s incident has given them courage to speak up,” adds Ishita

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Well, it is good to hear about the change even if gradual and to hear how one person has affected a mass so large!

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