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Jinal Joshi – Actress With A Refreshing Personality

jinal joshi


Jinal Joshi – Actress With A Refreshing Personality

Jinal Joshi is the latest trend on Instagram. She has been turning the tides with her work and her fan following is multiplying with the moment. Having crossed over 130 thousand followers in a span of less than one year with an amazing engagement with her followers, she continues to set goals for social media artists; literally every day.

We take you on a journey through her life and career in this exclusive interview. This also happens to be her first official Interview. We are excited to share the same with you. Buckle up, coz this journey has many factors to inspire & shake you up at the same time. Here we go!

Jinal, How does it feel being an Instagram Model?

I love the title and every bit of that I owe to each and every person who has made this possible. Having said that I would also like to tell you that I have never been a model on Instagram or in the real world. This began when I started sharing some of my pictures from my first portfolio shoot in 2017 & the response led to more shoots and guess the tag came along with the appreciation for my work.

You’re also an Actor, tell us something more about it

I am an actor and that’s all I want to be! I know it might come as a shocker to many. However, a career in professional acting is my one & only goal. I have always been an actor since childhood, like everyone. I realised my love for acting after my graduation in Mass Media and took up a professional acting course with the leading school for acting, Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares. I have been active in the theatre circuits of Mumbai & I look forward to expanding the horizon of my work with other mediums.

How does it feel to represent the Marathi Community in Modeling, We’ve seen quite a few articles that term you as a torchbearer

This is a surprise but I’ve learnt that the Internet can surprise you, quite pleasantly and at times shockingly too. This happens to be the latter. I am a Maharashtrian by birth because I was born and have lived my life here in Mumbai, though my mother tongue is Gujarati. I feel blessed to be a representative of this cultural diversity. Being a torchbearer, I have my own doubts. I look at myself as someone who has started and has a long way to go. I know I have to learn more and there are brilliant artists who inspire me every day with their amazing performances.

Tell us all about your Journey after Actor Prepares

It’s been some journey. Like every aspiring actor, I started auditioning the very next day after my certification. I met people to discuss and create portfolios and the response from Instagram startled me. It was an instant realisation that my faith in myself was being accepted by people. I started sharing different avatars from various genres on the platform. I have been fortunate enough to have received this love that is overwhelming & mesmerising at the same time. I am yet to crack that big break but the beauty of todays world is that reality is just a click away. When I make a mistake, I know instantly & improve almost immediately. Hence I am confident that even though I may be seen as the tortoise from the race, the big finish is right around the corner

They say that the big world only belongs to the star kids, isn’t that true

So we are talking about Nepotism in the film and entertainment industry. Well, Let me simplify this from my perspective. I have a friend who is the only child of two of the best surgeons in the city and he is not a doctor. His family, friends, society, family connections and everyone else judge him for not being one. They say he is killing the family legacy. Do you think this is correct?
But, the moment the child of an actor, director or producer decides to be an actor the world calls it nepotism which I think is unfair. Kyuki family resources pe pehla haq toh aulaad ka he Hota hai. I think nepotism in the entertainment industry is overrated and definitely unwanted. If nepotism existed for real then undeserving star kids would be superstars which is not the case.
You can look at Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, or Shraddha Kapoor and each one of them deserves every bit of stardom they have earned. People say it makes life difficult for aspiring actors but that’s always been the case. There are millions of aspiring actors and only a handful of movies to be made

So you think Nepotism wouldn’t affect your career?

See you make movies for earning profits and you choose the person who fits the best for the project. I believe that every individual brings a unique skill set to the table and I believe in my strengths. So I shall untiringly continue to put myself out there and I am sure one fine day the sun shall shine brighter just for me. Kyunki Shah Rukh Sir ne sikhaaya hai “Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho, toh poori kaaynaat use tumse milaane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”.

With all the auditions that you have been a part of, have you ever experienced casting couch situations?

Never, at least not so far! I believe as an artist it is my responsibility to verify everything about an opportunity before actually reaching there. At times, I think I lose up on some genuine opportunities because of these checks but I believe in better safe than sorry and I think that’s the best way for now

There is definite bold underlining to your posts? Do you get subjected to trolls & hate speeches?

That’s not true. Like I said most of my shared works are part of portfolio building & improvisations with time. An actor has to be versatile & should be able to present all flavours of life. I have all kinds of pictures on the profile and I like to keep it that way. Trolls & hate speeches are a part of Internet, No Biggie! It’s just something that comes with the package. I am fortunate to have decent followers who handle the trolls even before I notice them most of the times

What’s the kind of roles we can expect to see you in? Please share details

I wish I could answer that with a definite response. But I love myself and I love the art of acting so you would never see me doing anything that brings disrespect to that art. I shall only take up projects that add to my love for the art. Genre, character & platform details don’t really matter

We have been checking your Instagram posts and we know something big is coming, when do we see you on the big screen?

Shhhh! Suspense mat todo. As soon as there is something I can share, I will share and you would be the first one to know.

And she signs out!

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